Sunday, April 29, 2018


At Metron today.
I needed a few hours to absorb this morning... 
I’ve noticed and felt things around me lately that I see as other dimensional. Something deep, something I need to stop and notice, something I need to hear. This morning at Metron it started with praise, a guitar and a violin and a young man and a young woman singing and playing. You didn’t have to sing along, you didn’t have to clap, you didn’t even have to stand, but it was strong, that sense of a presence. It followed through the rest of the service.

I’m not even going to try to explain the final message of a series by Jim, 'As He Is', but I believe if Jesus had been sitting on the front row in flesh, he would have said, thank God somebody gets me. So special when love is identified and people lifted, As he is, so are we.


"The spirit is all up in this place today! 

So much that I dropped my church hat running 

down the isle!"

"I finally made it to Church Bishop Swilley. FINALLY!!!! I will be back...Thank you so much forthat MESSAGE on Love today. Have a wonderful week sir, and I will be back to CHURCH on next Sunday. I have lived in ATLANTA for almost 15 years, and I DON'T have a CHURCH HOME. I am seeking the right ONE. Your congregation was VERY friendly."

- TB

"Awesome... Awesome word today..."
"...There was a presence there today that was 


- BB

Sunday, April 22, 2018


"Today's word was everything!"
"...I love this series. Powerful word this morning!..."
- DS
"Today was so good. I love it when it's full, half full or just up close and comfortable where you just talk to us as if we were on the beach...Bottom line is...It's always great."
- FM
"U Betta preach today Bish! Thank u for preaching just for me and providing some clarity!"
- BB

Sunday, April 15, 2018


"Today was everything!"
- BB
"...Your revelation and your presence in my life is constant...I have been so guilty of recounting all that changed for me at CITN.  I hope you know, Bish, it is only the "touchstone"  - the place - the moment - when so many of us found liberty in Him.  Not that we want for CITN to be "back" ...its just that we can pinpoint our lives to that was unlike anything we have ever known.  I feel even more excited to tithe to Metron and the word I get each week.  We will continue to "break free" and move into "next level" liberty!..."
- LD
"You Betta preach Bish!... I dropped my church hat running up and down the"
 "I'm repeating myself but today was another great day with awesome energy 
and a message to start my week."
- FM
 "Forever my Bishop."
- IC

Sunday, April 8, 2018


"Absolutely Divine! Totally needed the major 
"tune up". Thank you! Hugs!"
- LD
"Trying to find words to describe today's service...Powerful! <3"
- DM
I love you, Bishop and thank you."
- SB
"POWERFUL <3 <3 <3"
- PW
"Today was so good. Loved the music. The message was such a confirmation on how we manifest our moment to moment life. It's all in why we keep the good and ignore bad. Both will take root if we allow it."
- FM
"In Florida now so I streamed Metron in route to Panama...enjoyed! 
I also did a little meditation"
- CW
"Where the spirit of the Lord is, chains and shackles that hold someone 
back are broken, 
and so it was at Metron Today."
- ES
"All I can say is WOW!!!!... you can call it the anointing, or you could call it the Holy Spirit, or you can call it a high frequency of the universe.... Whatever it is (manna to the soul) it was absolutely heavy in the house today...
What an awesome way to start off the first Sunday of your 60th year, Bishop"