Sunday, January 29, 2017


"Thank you Bishop for being so loving and real. I saw and felt the thousands....cheers to new- now seasons of light!"
"Bishop today was just awesome no other word to describe it... Just AWESOME <3 <3 <3”
- PW
"Such a beautiful Service!”
- CW
"Today was simply divine! <3 <3 <3
"Amazing day at Metron! <3!
- HU
"Today was really great. Enjoyed it so much.
- FM
...Love you, Jim Swilley & Love me some Robert Rutherford. <3 <3 <3”
- PM
“Today was fabulous! It was easy to see you were pulling wealth out of each other's spirit. Please do it again, soon! Your humor is a staple, but Robert Rutherford is a delight, real and unfiltered. OMG, the thought that once the Word is written down, it dies, but Spirit gives life, and we are life, living manna to one another born out of our experiences. Great, every bit.”
"Thank you! We loved being with you all today!
- LP
"Awesome word... Robert.... Just fantastic…
"Jim Swilley, METRON FAMILY, Thank you for loving me, accepting me, celebrating me, holding me and blessing me. I am yours. I love you with an open face and open heart. <3”
- Robert Rutherford

Sunday, January 22, 2017


"Good word today! Thank you for helping me to navigate my amazing life."
- WC
"Thank you for your message today Bishop.

Brokeness , also refers to the breaking of our own internal walls, barriers, mindset that we cling to from fear, self doubt, insecurity , lack of knowledge.  

As we let go of those barriers, break those walls inside , we feel it. It hurts because of the value we placed on those, the power we willingly gave to our own fear, self doubt, etc. We used those walls to cover parts of ourselves from ourselves and God, however one sees Her/Him/We. As we break the walls, feel the brokenness, it is surrendering our fear, self-doubt, lack of knowledge, - celebrate , take off the internal fig leaves, entirely exposed, no invented perceived protection. Those walls and leaves were indeed protection, barriers from knowledge that our fear, insecurity, self doubt , are present due to lack of knowledge.

As each of us at our own pace, know We Each are fully known by Ourselves and God, have been approved of from the very beginning, that We and God is fully aware of what we cover, and the covering is how we hold that fear and self doubt. As we remove the walls and leaves, break them, tear them off – We happily surrender what limits Us, surrender fear, self doubt, insecurity, and embrace the knowledge that We Each are at peace with God, She/He/We has always been at peace with Each of Us."
- ES
"Good word today! 
I loved when you got tickled!..."
- KM
"The Year of truth 2017..."

Sunday, January 15, 2017


"...Bishop Jim Swilley...One of your best today. The energy was flowing"
- FM
"Marshall! The Dylan"
 "Love the topic this month...."

Sunday, January 8, 2017


 "It was good to be back ITH* today looking at the map that says "you are here"."
- RM
*"In the house"
 "Excellent message today. Always so on point, even with things I was discussing with a friend this week.  Synchronicity.  Also, wonderful to be back with this wonderful group of people. I missed you all over the holidays, even though they were good."
"Great word today..."
"Marshall never ceases to amaze me!"
- BR
"Think I might have actually found a new church home. 
When the message resonates inside you and the word lingers with you.
- PN