Sunday, November 26, 2023

TODAY AT METRON - 11/26/23

"Bish...Thank you for that word today. I have been struggling with a blockage for so long...I believe you just opened it up for me."
- BB

Sunday, November 19, 2023

TODAY AT METRON - 11/19/23

 "Radical...loved it!"

- AR

"Today was such a necessary word...Yes, God/Spirit is real in my soul. Thank you for reminding us to be thankful. It makes life so much better."

- BR
"I loved the word today...I practice gratitude each and every day..."
- BB
"I so loved and needed your calming voice in sweet song to remind me of this today. Thank you"
- ML

Sunday, November 12, 2023

TODAY AT METRON - 11/12/23

 “This morning flowed…” 

- LB

“Loved it!” 


“Two anointed vessels” 


“What An Open Flow Between You…Loving Manna” 


“Had a great 'In the Now' experience today with Bishop Jim Swilley and his cousin, LaDonna Paulk Diaz - two great heads and hearts!” 


"Great message and dialogue between you both this morning!" 


"This was a powerful teaching today. It is so amazing to be among those who believe the same things that you feel down deep in your soul. I think we all wanted more..."

- BB

"Loved, loved, loved LaDonna Paulk Diaz!"
- EJ
"It was so good today at Metron I wasn’t ready for it to end!"
- CC

"There is something special about witnessing family being adds a different was the same with was like you and LaDonna were joined by all of your ancestors on stage also...I found her to be precious...cousins may be the strongest power on earth.... it is a very deep love..."
- ES
"The whole conversation with LaDonna was great. Like your teaching, it opens windows and doors. I see and come to understand ways to connect to others, and the God in them. It was enriching! These one on ones are great. More please!"
"So proud and grateful for my daughter and my nephew."
- Clariece Miller Paulk

Sunday, November 5, 2023


"Every Sunday is great but today had a special feeling to it. Bish, you're always taking us places that may be uncomfortable to some but you have an amazing way of making the uncomfortable comfortable...I'm one of those people who have said that you've saved my life. You did. I'm very thankful and always will be..."
- EJ

"Thank you. Thank you. I've been following you on YouTube and Instagram for almost 8 years. Being a bisexual black man, it was hard dealing with my community and being a father...but it was Carlton Pearson who led me to you when he did the interview for CNN, stating that he and his church were he was standing alongside the LGBTQ community, he was showing me a true disciple, and the true meaning of following God. I saw how he stood for you, and ever since then I've been following you...thank you for being a man who exemplifies the true meaning of God's heart..."

- JB

"...There was so much that was conveyed with and without words. I found myself tearing up, even that last poem said more..."
- BR
"I loved and needed this word today..."
- BB