Sunday, September 30, 2018


"Bishop Jim Swilley does it again. Church was on point today as usual."
- SK
 "I won’t say I hate that this series is ending, because I am finding every one gets better and better and it only creates vibrations for the next series. It’s like climbing a ladder to look at that beautiful stained glass window in the sun. “ Come up here" where the light shines brighter."
- FM
"This has been the best series yet. Real truth truly does set you free!"
- JJ
"Just when I think the insight can't get any better - pow! This metanoia/metabolism will take some digesting as you can imagine but I truly know this is such undeniable truth! Love you, Bish!"
- LD
"I read articles that pastors and teachers are posting and not to brag on ours but...we got the best of the best. The deeper you go the better we swim. Pretty soon, he's giving us lessons on gliding on water.❤️ That's Bishop Jim Swilley."
- FM
"This was an awesome series...I loved every bit of this month's teaching."
- BB

Sunday, September 23, 2018


"Wowza!  Such great revelation! Never heard anyone say that! 
"Wow...great message...I learned a long time ago sitting under your teachings that we are the ones who separate ourselves from God... He is always there…
“Bishop the word of life that you shared today further confirms the teaching that I am sharing at the prison. I am going today as well. Thank you!”
- FF
"Today was a pure message on enlightenment. Explaining truth about scriptures and teaching us how to plan our lives by the words of our own mouths. That is the very best we can get. Straight from the seer who sees and teaches. That's who you are.
- FM
“...Right on time to hear my Bishop...Bishop Jim Swilley delivered the NOW word…”
“ at Metron...Bishop Jim Swilley was at his best. If you want to know about enlightenment and hear it firsthand, go to YouTube and listen to the message from today. Our own guru is bringing forth insight into the Bible. YES, the Bible…”
- FM
“...clearly Bishop has "an ear to hear, and eye to see," and a mouth to speak to mysteries and truths…
- CW
"He is definitely a seer”
- JS
"Yes it was a Very Enlightened Word today, that we are the 
I Am-ness of God..."
- RM
 "This has been the most powerful insightful series to date! Next month will be very exciting indeed!"
"He is bringing the very best..."
- FM
 "Always enjoy when your kids are ITB...really enjoy this series...Always learning" 
- DM
"...I am more grateful than ever to be part of the journey. So much beautiful truth!"
- JJ
"This is so great to hear! Just makes me want to hop on a flight to ATL! 
There’s nothing like good teaching AND people being excited and receptive to it!"
- CW

Sunday, September 16, 2018


"Very cool - like Zach! However, nothing like getting all up in my biz! Sharing what you told Ken about not sending it out there regarding going back to work. I love love love Sundays and always say, "ugh Monday am comes so quickly"- I nearly waste all the good time on Sundays! Tell Mr. Ken thank you for being ok with you sharing that - I needed it 🙂 Love love love the blessing too. Back at YOU! Love you so much!"
- LD
"September's series has initiated much thought...Thank you for continuously challenging me and helping me reset my mindset."
- RF
"Great Word today... Zach was awesome..."
- BB

Sunday, September 9, 2018


"YOU WERE 🔥🔥🔥 TODAY! You were soooo in your "zone", and pushed every button that I have, and some that I had forgotten about, lol. LOVED IT! 🙂"
- MB

"Bish,  So loved the message today!   WOWZA!   Now to apply the revelation...I want to change my health story 😊  Obviously I hear your voice...I realized from your message that I have actually hated what has happened  “TO” me – (victimization much?  Ahah)….and thus hated myself.  Ugh! So today I choose to accept & love myself right now...I feel it's very important with the new insight from you today to get your agreement!  I love you!..."
- LD
"Today was fabulous. Days like today I want you to keep teaching. So much light today on scriptures I have heard so many times in the past. So good. AND...Jonah was so great."
- FM
"I have two words for today's preaching... 
"Ooo. Weee." 
You did that Bish!"
- BB
"Choose Life!: Creating a Better Reality by Taking Full Ownership of Your Current One. 
Awesome word.  I own my Life"
- PW
"Love... Love...Love this series..."
"Ok you just talked about my life the last two weeks!...Love you Bish ! You got the word!...I swear you’re in my head sometimes!"
- NP
"...I really enjoyed service today. I was so aware of the stories before I allowed them to come out of my mouth...Going back to hear last week as well. My life is daily improving and my desires are showing up. My declaration. Thanks a bunch. I think you are so cool. GREAT job on the weight loss. Looking great. ❤"
"Sounds like you wore yourself out by giving such a great word today!"
- MS
"Enjoyed the service and your sons beautiful songs. I especially liked the second for the topic of what you were preaching on hit me right upside my head and knocked me out cause I have to keep it real with you by admitting that I am one of those people who is guilty of each charge. Therefore I decided to make the necessary changes you spoke of. God really used you today to help people like me with multiple disabilities to realize that we actually do have another option than what the doctors have brain washed us to believe even if all we have is faith the size of a mustard seed."
- SK