Sunday, July 29, 2018


"They say that laughter is the best medicine and I got a big dose today at Metron. Just what I needed. Ready for a peaceful week leading into an amazing anniversary weekend August 4-5! "
"Today was such a great morning. Seriousness, guidance, and even some laughter.
'Altogether Lovely'"
- FM
"Great message and you’re looking GOOD Bish!"

Sunday, July 22, 2018


"WOW! Today was powerful! I don’t know how I get so “raveled” in one week, but it’s awesome (in the real sense of the word) how much shifting, clarity and insight comes with you on Sunday. Thank you! May I make a strong request? We need a recording of you guiding us in meditation. I don’t know if its merely because of our relationship & respect of you that we can “get there” to the other realm so quickly. It seems so many others would benefit by your gift. And selfishly, I’d like it every day. How ‘bout an app? I know – sounds like more work for you. But maybe can also be another stream of income? I don’t know but I’d really really like it Bish "
- LD
"Oh Sweet Jesus! Yes!!! I walk around speaking this all day, every day..."
- LB
"Beautiful! You are anointed to preach freedom to the captives..."
- AR
"...Beautiful Day!"
"Today was an awesome morning. All of it. <3"
- FM
"Today was a great service...just for me. Exactly what I needed."
- BB
 "This came to me during meditation at METRON today. A quiet mind is a beautiful thing. ☺️ Much of what spirit has been saying to me recently is about this very thing. The letter kills because it lacks discernment. It can’t perceive the truth being taught and is utter foolishness. I’m also struck that there is always this wonderful counterbalance of energies in the kingdom. Like power and mercy. Power alone tends to harm. Mercy alone tends to be harmed but power with mercy added to it is Abba energy. Individually they are not effective but together they have serpent wisdom but do no harm."
- JM

Sunday, July 15, 2018


 "Did anyone get wet at the ocean today?
Did anyone get hot in the South GA. sun?

Did anyone, anywhere, see clouds in the sky?

Did any dog bark? Did any child run?

As long as the Spirit of Love does endure

Some things are certain, inevitable, sure

And one of those things that I know to be true
Is: People were blessed if they ventured near you."
- RR
"Excellent meditation and word. Feeling peace love and compassion."
- JM
"Your health/cells are impacted by your thoughts/soul/meditation. So true."

"It was great. Intuition was speaking so much to me I was thinking about it all the way home"
- FM
"Great word today"
- BB

Sunday, July 8, 2018


"...We were so happy to see you and Ken and all of our family there! There is no place like home. And I couldn’t help but think as I sat and absorbed your beautiful words, how you have not aged one bit since I first heard you 23 years ago! Thank you for always having the words I need. We will be back soon!! Love you!"
"...Great to see you and everyone. Your words always inspire"
- PG
"Starting the day spiritually recharging my mind, body and soul at METRON"❤️
- RM
"...are you in my head , lol? I always think of a word or thought to go with my breathing during meditation and today’s thoughts were breathe in healing and breathe out the pain! Whaaaat!
Mine is physical and mental and you didn’t say anything specific to my pains, but still..."
- NP

"This morning at METRON thinking about freeing your mind and the rest will follow, the song Quiet Your Mind by Zac Brown came to my mind. In the third verse, the last few lines are...and if you’re too busy talkin’, you’re not busy listenin’, to hear what the land has to say...Quiet Your Mind. So beautiful."
- RM
"...pressed my way in today, just in time for the NOW word."
- SD
And it was good!
- FM ❤️
"The light was shining and the energy was flowing."
- RM
"I really love this series... The energy was awesome today!"