Sunday, June 30, 2019


"SOOOOO what I needed to hear!  I will not even rehash the week I had but suffice it to say, I needed the reminder today.  Thank you so much!  I love you!
And your Blessings over us always work!  xoxo"
- LD
"Thank you so much for the message today...needed to hear. Certain confirmations in there too..."
- KC
"This is the foundation from which my thoughts begin. We are all a miracle. Knowing that we are dearly loved in this way, we’re free to operate and create in the miraculous."
- JM

Sunday, June 23, 2019


"I wanted to let you know that your entire message today was so healing for me. The song you sang about seeing the sunshine/bright side, the things you said about relationships/marriages, and even the closing quote from Anthon St. Marteen - all of it was so relevant to things I’m experiencing in my life. I’m being brief, but today’s service was like a fresh breath of air for me. I’m so thankful for you."
- DB
"Bish, Needed that one so much! Thank you! Loved hearing you sing today too. Love you!"
"Today at Metron, some people are just natural born rock stars, Jim Swilley was in the house today"

Monday, June 17, 2019


"Today I want to especially honor the paternal voice in my life, my Bish, Jim Swilley. I can’t remember how many years now, but I believe 17+, he has been my Spiritual Dad, my coach, my mentor, my counselor and my Voice. It is because of him that I think differently, dream bigger, take responsibility, and love more intensely. I am braver, more positive, deeper, more creative, a problem solver - not a problem seeker, a healer and lover of all because of his teaching and influence. He is the chiropractor when I need alignment, the coach when I need to push through, the optometrist when I need to see more clearly, the scientist that shares the complexity of the cosmos, the trail guide on the rough terrain, the theologian that shares from the tree of life, the comedian when I need the laughter that heals, and the Mufasa when I need to “remember who I am”. Thank you always for being the eloquent & faithful wordsmith and communicator of a Good God, Good News & a Good Life! I love you, Bish and all the myriad dimensions that you are in my life! Happy Happy Father’s Day."
"To my "spiritual father" Jim Swilley, I hope you feel the love I have for you every time I'm able to give you a hug after Metron gatherings. You are a true 'educator,' drawing out the truth I know in my soul is coming from the Holy Spirit. I have grown light-years under your teaching and love you so much!"
"You are a healing Father for so many, Bishop! We honor you today!"
"Great Fathers Day Sermon today."
- SK
"Bishop, on this day I celebrate you as a father, a father that guides, a father who cares, loves, and nurtures his family. How does one thank you for your commitment to us all. With love."
- JC

Sunday, June 9, 2019


"I loved today... I mean really really loved it.  I am so thankful for your teaching and the freedom you have to teach us next level."
- FM
"Loved it too! Best message ever! 
Until next Sunday"
I choose to see the miraculous! #metron
"When you love something you want everyone to know it. I love Metron...Just telling ya."
- FM
 "Thanks so much for posting the quotes Bishop highlighted this morning...His teaching was truly miraculous!"
"Awesome word...This is gonna be a great word..."
- BB
"@metron_community .... just wowww..."

Sunday, June 2, 2019


"...I really need to be under the leadership and Spiritual guidance of Metron. 
It was a phenomenal message today that seemed to be tailored just for me."
- TB
"Today was such an awesome word. Miracles become normal occurrences"
- FM
"...service was awesome of course"
 "Being Miracle minded is to see them as they happen and then only just believe they are. 
Thanks Bishop! You lead us to that place"
- JM 

 "...Loved visiting with y'all today!"
- MG