Sunday, August 26, 2018


"Great word!!! I know the Force is with me!! TY!!"
- JL
 "Today was like getting that prize in the Cracker Jacks. I knew it was going to be awesome but those little added things in between..."Outstanding". My eyes are seeing clear and my spirit is free from all those religious sermons filled with bits of glass we were told in past times from ministers who said to take it home and chew on it.. Thank you for being the seer to those who listen and follow as you see and share."
- FM
"...I enjoyed the service...
Great seeing you and just want you to know that I admire you and the God in you."
"You betta preach today!!!!"
- BB

Monday, August 20, 2018


"One of the many things I love and appreciate about you is that you still cling to and never disregard all the TRUTH experiences you've had in the past. I'm made up the treasure and guard ALL truth...and it's so refreshing to me when you teach about evolving and the Tree of Life, and yet you always stop to give great honor and respect to its roots. The vast majority of today's spiritual teachers grasp on to new enlightenment while completely abandoning the current validity and sacredness of the former. But not thank you for that. As you always say, "We don't have to hate summer just because we love fall."

The anointing present in this week's message was undeniable. You make us laugh, you move us to tears, you prod us to think and recognize, you take us to amazing places in the spirit realm. You take us back and take us onward...all while grounding us in the beauty of the now.

That is mesmerizing and skillfully incredible!"
- DS

Sunday, August 19, 2018


"Is this a cool church or what? 😊 
Starting off with music from the amazing Chandra Currelley then a mind-blowing message on the Holy Spirit!"
- KM
"Great service today Bish..."
- CW
"You Betta Preach today Bish!"

Sunday, August 12, 2018


"Today was so awesome. I’m loving this series already. The things you taught on today are just confirmation of letting us know when we stop putting limits on the spirit of the universe, miraculous things manifest. Right on time. I have had so many things happen but didn’t say anything because so called Christians think you’re looney. It becomes the norm."
- FM
"Such an inspiring and affirming series which began today at #Metron. So looking forward to the next installment. I love it!"
"Today was amazing... Definitely made me hungry for more... Can't wait till next week... May the force be with you…”
"I love Metron so much. Serving God isn’t about a bunch of rules and regulations. It’s about being free to live and learn who and what God is all about. If it’s hard.. better check out the reality of living another way...Just sayin’”
"So excited for this month series at Metron and our artist of the month Chandra Currelley!!! 
This is going to be awesome <3 <3 <3"
- PW

 "It was great being at Metron today!"
- CW
"Today was amazing!...Bishop Jim Swilley delivered an amazing first part to "May the Force be with you," speaking about the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives..."