Sunday, October 25, 2015

TODAY AT METRON - 10/25/15

"This month's teaching series has been so good, I sort of don't want to see it end... 
But I know the next one will be great also."
- FM

Monday, October 19, 2015


"Thank you so much for just being here...I grew up the same way in the church charismatic and went through, and am stil going through the process, of enlightenment and expanded consciousness and didnt think there was anyone out there like me...I was afraid to share my changed beliefs with my christian friends because i still love them and already know that they will just try to change my mind and think Satan has control over me or something so I keep it to myself...but to have you guys as my family and church who have gone through the same transformation and we can be happy and so blessed...I feel lucky...and I love you all...thank you for posting the services..."

"An amazing, eccelectic melting pot of people and ideas. A place to relax, hear great music, stimulating conversation and mingle with a great vibe."

"A True Encounter with the Unity of Spirit.... Oneness with the Divine...."
- RM

"Truth....nothing less. Deep calls unto deep, and pure love displayed by the real people there is an experience unlike any other."
- SR

"METRON Community ROCKS !!! The culmination of Spirit, Truth, Faith, Family, Unity, Power, Transformations of the Mind: Evolution & the pure embodiment of the Universe at its finest. When God said "Let there Be Light", METRON was birthed. Not just a service, but answering the call to Higher Dimensions of growth & expansion of the vast possibilities in GREATNESS..."
- CF

Sunday, October 18, 2015

TODAY AT METRON - 10/18/15

"Feeling that Vibration!"
 "I am a repeat of every week but it's true. 
Today was so very great."
"... I'm loving this series....."
"I needed that word today..."