Sunday, December 31, 2023

TODAY AT METRON - 12/31/23 (123123)

"I loved spending my NYE with my Metron Family!"
"There was something phenomenal that happened today. I love these sound baths, they bring a real peace. Today though, when Chelsea said breathe out the old year, breathe in the new, something palpable happened. Creative power and healing with both the sound baths and Bishop Flunders prayer. Your words together with it all capped 2023 off with peace. Now we can create the 2024 we want with power."
"Chelsea Shag helped us say farewell to 2023 and welcome to 2024..."
"Metron Community New Year Eve service yesterday was Spiritual and Cleansing. Chelsea Shag escorted us to cleanse out our souls from 2023 to make room for 2024. Bishop Jim Swilley delivered an awesome ending NOW word for 2023 and help us get prepared for 2024."
"I was so happy to be there to witness and partake of such a divine intervention and experience."
- CP

Sunday, December 24, 2023


Today was incredible. Love, love, love! 


"I had such a good time performing at Metron this morning along with the great Chandra Currelley, and Jim may have preached his best Christmas message ever...just such a fun…good…morning...


"Such a beautiful start to Christmas today with Bishop Jim Swilley, the Metron family and special music by Eddie William Sellers and the wonderful Chandra Currelley !!! A great message about perspective in regards to the holidays. Our after party was some good treats to start us on our way. Merry Christmas to all!"


"A very special message today. The music and words were moving."

- LL

"...Yesterday's word was so on point! Loved every word!"
- BB
"Eddie's presence always creates a beautiful atmosphere! Amazing job, Eddie. We've almost 'made it through December.'"
- DS
"Bishop, I love you. I just love you! My Christmas Morning was spent watching "Metron Christmas Eve!" Powerful, REAL message for REAL people, living in this REAL world. You literally made my day!..."
- DS

Sunday, December 17, 2023

TODAY AT METRON - 12/17/23

 It was so good just to be ITB* again this morning. It's totally a different energy than online. Such a great message today,  for everyday and the holidays. We are of more value than rubies!


*(ITB = "In the building")

"I needed this word today...You don't know how much..."
- BB
"I’m so glad I was able to attend today. Always powerful and always on time."
- EJ
"Hey, Bish...thanks for the great message today! A great message to have on...REPEAT!"
- KC

Monday, December 11, 2023


"... Your remarks were so wonderful. Thank you, Bishop!"
- TM
"...Enjoyed seeing and hearing you speak today at celebration of life for Bishop Carlton Pearson."

- JB
"You were on fire today Bishop..."
- HH

Sunday, December 3, 2023


 "Today’s word was “transformative”. Thank You"


"...I have told you over and over again that you may not know what I'm going through, but every time I listen to you it's ALWAYS on time...just like this morning. God is so good. God blessed me with you for a reason, not a season..."
- CH

"Today,  for me,  Mortality disrobed and Immortality robed me. I’m not ready to check out, but ‘I shall live and not die’ took on a whole new meaning! Thank you, kind sir!”

- CP

"It's truly hard to put today's message into words. You had to be there! If you are not making it to hear the word live and feel that true presence of God...You are missing out! Come feel the presence for yourself."
"Wow! Bishop Jim Swilley, today's message was filled with the Holy Spirit!! (I can guess with the solemn quietness of those who left your Metron gathering today that we're moving and maturing from glory to glory...) love you!..."
"I totally understood what you were saying, everything is everything and all is God/Spirit. I am seeing nothing as bad or wrong but all are meant to teach us. I have greater patience for people who are still wrapped up in fundamentalism. It took time for me. The whole idea of it is love for the all the world. All the world are god they just don't know it yet."
"...Almost too sacred to comment on. I’m still processing it and what happened in the midst."
- CP
"...Metron has become a ‘Master’s Class’."
- CP
"Wow! Bish was on fire - and we were all overcome with the Spirit this past Sunday. All I can say is My GOD!!"
- RS