Sunday, August 7, 2022


"Beautiful. God, Rainbows, and Love. What an amazing MWXV..."

- MO

"Man do I love my Metron Family. Anyone who has not experienced true love needs to attend a Meditation weekend..."
- BB
“Life is great…This weekend was so amazing and needed…I’m ready for new beginnings” 

- CH

“Thanks as always for a rejuvenating weekend…

…amazing as always. Thank you, Bishop. Thank you Metron Family!  I am change…I am changing…I AM” 

- EJ

“Another wonderful recharge...thank you Rabbi....much love…as usual, it was wonderful....I am spiritually recharged and ready for whatever life throws at me!…as the tide comes in around me, it gathers all the things that no longer serve me-- my worries, fears, grief, stress, negative thoughts, old ideas, and all that keeps me from living my best life--and takes them out into the deep sea. My feet are grounded. I am safe. All is well “ 


“…had a great time and I absolutely loved meeting You, Ken and everyone else! Looking forward to the next one! You were exactly spot on with Change being the 'I AM' this time's exactly what I said before I came that I wanted to move into the next change, the next ME, the next or expanded IAM. It seems to have been the same talking with everyone else as well.” 

- TB 

"This was such an amazing weekend filled with hugs to and from some of the best folks on Earth.
I love you guys and can't wait to meet again in October, if not sooner!"
“Was an absolutely anointed experience. I am expecting wonderful changes to come.” 

- RWK 

"Enjoooooyed, thank you all so much for the LOVE. @Jim Swilley, my LOVE, HUGS and KISSES are on you.  Your Facebook Groupie,


"Truly magical!"

- RDS 

"What an amazing weekend!"

- TW

"#meditationweekendxv was all about change...some folks had just undergone some big changes and needed confirmation they were on the right track...some came with their lives at a crossroads and needed direction...some came with a huge desire to have positive change in their lives...our reasons to be there may have been different, but one thing is certain, we all left fresh and renewed, ready for the next right thing to make itself known...God, Spirit, the Universe, All That Is , whatever the name of your Higher Power... The presence of that Being was very powerful, and miracles of all sizes were plentiful. #sograteful to be with this beautiful group of people..."

“Thank you for a beautiful meditation…it was a pleasure meeting you and Ken. I look forward to joining you more!” 

- SD

"Metron Meditation Weekend XV: Sunset and Sunrise were a whole vibe!"
- PW