Sunday, August 25, 2019


"Absolutely your best yet! Keep diving out...we're so far from land now, what does it matter?! #lifehappensbetweenbreaths"
- PC
"Today is a wonderful day. Your message was awesome and always, everyday thankful for you. Sending peace for the day and rest to your body when you return to your home."
- FM
"I have absolutely loved this series."
- BB

Sunday, August 18, 2019


"Sometimes there are no words to express the service except for...WOW! <3 <3 <3"
- DM
 "There are no words to describe this morning's service at Metron...vibrations were definitely high!! To hear and feel you and Ken talk about your miracle was AMAZING!!! My life is a miracle <3 <3 <3 "
- PW
"...Today was so next level. It was the vibrations in the gathering. We were all so excited. Love this teaching."
- FM
Today was truly more moving than I can even express...I love the connection I have with you all. Metron touches so many more than we realize..."
"Beautiful service"
- DM
"A service to be remembered for decades to come...
Life changing...
Phenomenal... Beyond any words to fully convey the essence of a truly transformation message...

Every time I begin to meditate on it tears begin to roll again...
Once again I walked out a different person than I came in...
There is no going back now...
I've been immersed in the presence of God ...
Through every fiber of my being it radiates through me...
I call all that which has been lost back into my now...
I speak to the mountain and it is moved...
I cross over to the other side and peace reigns with or without a storm...
All is well...
All is good...
I hear Angels...
Breath in...
Hold it...

So much love flows from my heart to my Metron Family, and to my Bishop... I honor you...I cherish you...I love you... God did an amazing thing when he called me to you... I'm in awe of this journey, and I'm eternally grateful you are in my life... <3<3<3<3<3<3<3"
"My goodness. I just watched. Unbelievable power and energy. Crying right now. Unreal. Thank you."
- EJ
"I breathe in knowing that whatever it is I need will come to me, all I have to do is call it back. I breathe out knowing that if it doesn't, I'm going to be ok and possibly even better. Thank you, Jim SwilleyKen Marshall and everyone at Metron."
- EJ

Sunday, August 11, 2019


Yes, it was your BEST EVER! You have NEVER IGNORED ANYTHING OR ANYONE! Instead you have brought the REALITY OF THE World To US and we have chosen our own course! What you said today was TRANSCENDENT! 
If one wanted to trim it to hashtag size, one might say (and one may 😉)  
Oh, and #RuffinRocks!
"Amazing beginning to what I know will be the best series ever!"
"And oh what an amazing service it was... I am still basking in the truth of revelation... It has even changed the way I meditate...

I walked out of service a different person than when I entered...

I was truely on Holy Ground...
I felt the breeze of Gods breath upon my face...

And whoever walkes in that theatre today and for days to come, will truely feel the energy left behind by us... No doubt!"

"Awesome word today... I truly love Metron."
- BB

Sunday, August 4, 2019


"Thank you Bishop Jim Swilley for such an awesome weekend meditation at Jekyll Island. Each one gets better and better. I love everyone at Metron and enjoy being in their presence. The energy and the experience has to be felt because it's more than we can ever explain. I'm already looking forward to the next one. <3"
- FM
"...It was a fantastic meditation weekend. For whatever reason, I felt completely grounded and peaceful on Jekyll Island this weekend."
- RM
"...had a great time
"Awesome weekend! So glad I was able to attend, can't wait for the next one!
- LB
"Very thankful to be a part of 7.”
"Looking at these pictures has me suspended in time. I feel like I’m there right now.”
- RM
"What an absolutely fantastic weekend...So awesome."
 "I really missed being there physically with you all this weekend but Sunday morning, I could feel your love and light. Connectivity knows no bounds"
"Mediation Weekend = Awesome positivity"
- JB
"Thank you Bishop of another amazing weekend...another awesome year...and the Metron family that rocks the universe...All of which has brought an extreme awakening to all that is...A clear vision of how we create our own lives to live the life we were destined to walk from the beginning. Your teaching and positive inspiration in your meditations 2x a day as well is on Sundays, and our meditation weekends are one that makes the journey of more fun, and exciting as we watch the essence of the universe unfold in an exciting way. Thank you for all of the years spent with you showing me a God beyond religion that lives in us as us...Co-creators to make this world one of light, freedom and love. We are the change we want to see...We are the answer so many people are looking for...We are the calm in the storm...we are love in the midst of hate...we are acceptance that changes prejudice... we are the voice that proclaims the tree of life is tangible for ALL to partake of...You are...We are...I am...the difference that brings clarity to a world in search for truth...We are the hope that all is good...Love you more than ever...And thank you again for opening my eyes to a world I was once blind to but now I see...And what a beautiful majestic place this is...Can't wait for the next meditation weekend."
"Bishop I don't really have words to express what this weekend meant to granddaughter was there and she was calm and she was focused....this was her first time coming, and in her words it won't be the last....I was there when she had her many anxiety attacks, in and out of the hospital...but God....she has come back strong and getting stronger by the have helped and prayed for my whole family...we are a shining light, lit by your wisdom, kindness, love, and never ending grace toward us...when I think of love I think of you....may peace, love and joy follow you and your family always."
- BY
"Thank you again for a beautiful, safe, peaceful trip. The Driftwood Beach was enchanted, and the Dunes sunrise was spectacular."
- SB