Sunday, August 11, 2019


Yes, it was your BEST EVER! You have NEVER IGNORED ANYTHING OR ANYONE! Instead you have brought the REALITY OF THE World To US and we have chosen our own course! What you said today was TRANSCENDENT! 
If one wanted to trim it to hashtag size, one might say (and one may 😉)  
Oh, and #RuffinRocks!
"Amazing beginning to what I know will be the best series ever!"
"And oh what an amazing service it was... I am still basking in the truth of revelation... It has even changed the way I meditate...

I walked out of service a different person than when I entered...

I was truely on Holy Ground...
I felt the breeze of Gods breath upon my face...

And whoever walkes in that theatre today and for days to come, will truely feel the energy left behind by us... No doubt!"

"Awesome word today... I truly love Metron."
- BB

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