Sunday, October 29, 2023


"It was perfect! I think many of us that were present tonight have been been ‘going through’, as the church mothers used to say. So sweet, peaceful and easy...was just what we needed...The cool breeze that instantly started blowing the minute you began the meditation - that was the wind of the spirit right there! No doubt about it…"

- DS

"...So incredibly nice to receive spiritual edification from you in person again! Thank You! I greatly appreciate it! Nice to have met you Ken."


"All of our Meditation Weekends have been great! This one for me was somehow different than the rest. I'm still processing it but I feel as if this was a re-membering (putting things back in their proper place) of the things I was told and agreed to when my spirit entered this earthly vessel. Again, I'm still processing, but feel a sense of peace from all that happened! Thank you to all that were there physically and in spirit for your impartation! Much Love to you All!!"

- RS

"It’s true when I said that I can tell when it’s time for my body and soul to come to a Meditation Weekend. It’s like a shot of spiritual medicine that boosts me for a few months until my body tells me again that it’s time for more. The theme for me was “Let It Be”.  Don’t over think things. Everything will work out how it’s going to work out and will be alright. I will be alright. I’m thankful that Bishop Jim Swilley organizes these Meditation Weekends. I’m thankful for all the friendships I’ve made over the years. I love you all and I appreciate you more than you know. I’m recharged and rejuvenated."

- EJ

"...May all the blessings your gift of MeditationXX created continue to surround and uphold and bless you—both of you—in unexpected ways."

- AR

"...This was the best 24 hrs we’ve experienced in ages. Sitting in your presence by a river, under the trees, with beautiful fall leaves under our feet..there are no adequate words to convey what a gift from God that is. We love you and Ken from the deepest place within! Thank you both for being so wonderful! A million hearts to you both!"

- DS

"Please don’t ever stop having these. I always seem to find an answer for what my spirit needs. I haven’t been at peace with myself for a while. It’s as if there is a gaping hole within me, and nothing I do can fill it. I didn’t even know what it was that I had lost and was missing until last night’s meditation gave me the answer. I am renewed and revitalized today with hope, and I know the path that I need to take. Thank you so much to Jim Swilley for making these meditations happen, and to everyone that shows up and lends their energy to create such an amazing experience."
- JS
"Meditation #20 gave me exactly what I needed to make it to Meditation 21. Thank you for all you do for us...We love you Bish!!!"
- BB
"So grateful for these spiritual meditation retreats with wonderful people. The topics are so timely with what's going on in everyone's lives. The feeling of restored peace, purification of the soul and spirit. Reconnection with nature, with one's self and others alike. It's always amazing and looking forward to the next one!"
- JT
"To everyone who attended the Meditation Weekend in Ellijay: It was a blessing and a delight to be in your presence! Seeing beautiful, familiar faces and meeting many new, beautiful faces--what a treasure you all are! On New Year’s Day of this year--Spirit spoke three words to me, and gave me two different ways not to sabotage the instruction. I knew exactly what this meant for me. I googled trying to find a suitable image that included the words, so I could use as wallpaper on my laptop as a constant reminder throughout the year. I looked all over and only found one image--it was a tattoo of the words, “LET IT HAPPEN.” Bishop~last night as we were all gathered around the energy/prayer circle, you were praying in the spirit and speaking words of release over the group. You spoke my three words. Thank you so much for creating a sacred space for these extraordinary experiences that we are all renewed and replenished in. I am still decompressing, and just beginning to process the powerful infilling that we have collectively and personally received! Certain things can’t really be explained; they can only be experienced. I love you all!"
- DS
"Jim Swilley, you have no idea how very drawn I was to be there because of the exact time you guys put that together, on that specific day, and how it spoke to my spirit (which has been in the driest and most void place ever). I have hungered spiritually for what God has always done through you for me for so many years. I didn’t even realize how much until sitting amongst you all there, and the sweet presence your confidence and assurance brings, if that makes any sense. I just can not even express how much my spirit needed to feel familial spirits in this particular place, at that exact time. I just can not put it into words. I can only say thank you for always allowing God to move through you as an instrument of His love and acceptance that is so lacking in this world today. There are just no words! Much love though."
"This weekend I attended our 20th Metron Meditation in Ellijay GA. I went with some issues and concerns, but I returned renewed, energized, and very grateful. ALL IS GOOD !!!..."
"So grateful for these spiritual meditation retreats with wonderful people. The topics are so timely with what's going on in everyone's lives - the feeling of restored peace, purification of the soul and spirit, reconnection with nature, with one's self, and others alike. It's always amazing...looking forward to the next one!..."
- JT

"...The sunrise meditation always feels different from the sunset meditation...those who think it is just about some people gathering in nature to do a meditation miss the point...the actual few moments of quiet meditation are only an opening for the energy field to come into focus. I have been to 19 of these, from beaches to mountains...the meditation in some way always creates a door to the energy world, the spirit world, where energies and spirits seem to come and go..."
- ES

Monday, October 23, 2023



- EN

"...An absolutely wonderful NOW word being spoken by Bishop Jim Swilley"
- RK

"Last night I shared the CITN teaching, 'A Tale of Two Trees' with a friend who doesn't know your Word talent. Today I'm sending him Metron's message. You continue to knock 'em outta the park, evolving and changing. Oh, I hear you"
- LC
 "...What you said today was the most emotionally intelligent description of what exists in the spiritual/faith world without the corruption of man/personal agendas that I have ever heard. I don't know how many times you have taught this before, but I do know that you altered the carbon in those here when I watched. Your voice is necessary in this world!! Thank you Bishop!"
- TC
"I loved this word today."Who told me I was naked?" Thank you for your delivery..."
- BB

Sunday, October 15, 2023

TODAY AT METRON - 10/15/23

"I REALLY REALLY REALLY needed this today. Thank you for a WORD on time. Attracting and manifesting ALL plans my maker has in store for you and me."

- EN

"Your message was on point. So many comments were relevant to my now. Thank you. You reminded me to say, 'Words, go in that direction!'"

- RF

"...I went to The Metron for my Competition Sunday Service with Bishop Jim Swilley. His message resonated with me and I left the service at peace, centered and ready for the week ahead..."

- WF

"Today was a great reminder about our words, thoughts, intentions and actions. If we don't like what's happening in our lives it's our responsibility to consider all those things and take account and change it not blame some devil or anyone else."
- BLR  

"Your words and sentences today were SO helpful!...the message today is helping me heal and think better things. Thank you..."
- KC

Sunday, October 8, 2023


 "Man...The word was so awesome this morning...Definitely a word in season for everyone there."

- BB

"We always get fed, and it keeps getting better and better"
- JC

"The word that you gave today gave me hope that things will workout great for me. Thank you for the prayers and energy that you sent my way!"

- MC

"So good! and as ALWAYS, on time!"

Sunday, October 1, 2023


 "Was excellent!"

- DC

"Had a wonderful time at Metron Community. Bishop Jim Swilley delivered an excellent word to end an awesome series."
"What an awesome series. I left today feeling like there was nothing that I couldn't do! I have the power to predict the future, and make things happen..."
- BB