Sunday, November 29, 2015

TODAY AT METRON - 11/29/15

"Omg... Love Chelsea singing Somewhere over the Rainbow... It gave me goosebumps & tears...Thanks for another great message... It's hard to believe that 18 yrs. ago your teaching changed my life... From a person who stuttered terribly & afraid of talking in front of people... You showed me that God loved me just the way I was and I overcame those obstacles...Thank you for bringing the truth to help set others free... Love you! 
 "Today spoke to me in many ways. I agree that Chelsea's singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" was special. There is a place over the rainbow, in some other place, that we are known and loved for who we are by the people we wish got us here. I have been reconciling myself with the transition of this year, including the passing of my Father from this realm. It has felt in many ways like all the things that were security to me were finally stripped away. I have had to find myself, my belief system, which I thought I knew. I am still finding my tribe, because as much as I love my family and wish it was them, I know it is not. I have found liberty and conflict, then liberty again. Thank you for helping me find the "Real God" and the real me. The journey is like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, but as I'm taking off the costumes, as you put it, I am becoming happier to be me."
"Awesome word today Bishop!!!!"
"Thank you for the word today... It was specifically for me!"

Sunday, November 22, 2015


TODAY AT METRON - 11/22/15 (Part I)

"Love Love Love Chelsea... What a unique amazing voice & style...she puts a smile on my face when she's in the house... Always good to see your family in the house & your interaction with them... Family is everything! Thru the years & confirmation today is that you are responsible for your life and it is what you make it... Your message is always of love & inspiration  
Giving thanks for your input in my life "
"THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH: Finding Sucess on the Journey of Self- Discovery....AWESOME word!!!!!!!!"
"...Today's message was off the chart!"