Monday, October 31, 2022


(Collage #1) So a year ago at #meditationweekendXII (10/23/21), we stood on this very spot and spoke blessings over a very pregnant Winnie-mae Taggart and John Taggart, and their unborn was a very powerful and beautiful experience for all of us...

(Collage #2) Last evening at #meditationweekendXVI (10/29/22), we stood here again and spoke blessings over little Juanito in person, and experienced joy had to be there, but to say it was a synchronistic blessing to be in the same spot a year later would be an understatement...

Sunday, October 30, 2022


"I AM so full and grateful for this time shared and experience with you all. Bishop Swilley, thank you for your sacrifices that you and Ken make on our behalf daily through the pouring of love, energy, wisdom and all things behind the scenes that we may never know or understand! I am forever grateful for everything! Thanks to all of the lovely Spirits that I encountered this weekend and for sharing wisdom from your Human experiences. May we all continue to grow in peace, prosperity, love and all things GoOD. I remind myself that if I deem IT (whatever it is) to be bad, then it is a reminder that I have some work to do to seek the GoOD or the GOD in IT! That is my responsibility and my practice. My prayers will continue to match yours (whatever they may be). I love each of you and thank you for sharing and receiving my energy..."
- LH
 "...This weekend was epic!! Thanks for being you!!
- JC
"This weekend was extremely grounding and wonderful for me with lots of clarity, communication and connection."
"...Hey Bishop, I truly enjoyed this weekend...much love to you and Ken..."
- WF
"As always, thank you for bringing us on this journey with you and ALWAYS having what we need..."
- BB
“Every one is so happy…I truly love this moment for all of you, new and old” 

- CH

“Looks like another beautiful weekend!” 
- LC

“The weekend was spectacular…” 

“A transformational weekend…” 

Sunday, October 2, 2022


“THE BEST EXPERIENCE!!! Chelsea and your teaching super sized Metron today!” 
- KB

“The sound bath was amazing, even from a few hundred miles away! I had to turn up the sound in my earphones a little , but it was still wonderful...very emotional...I am setting my intention to experience this in person soon!” 




“…this morning was amazing and very much needed…She brought me a little more peace today and I needed it…” 


“Thank you as always…I’m vibrating at high level after listening to your word tonight…” 

- BW

"The sound bath done by Chelsea was so great! Her intentionally giving each member of the audience an up close feel of her gift was special! It opened the mind to receive your word! Awesome morning!"

- RS

"Today was very powerful!!!! I truly believe I left the building for a moment during the sound bath."
"Had an amazing time enjoying Chelsea Shag's sound bath and another great message from Bishop Jim Swilley. Thank you, guys!"