Sunday, October 27, 2019

TODAY AT METRON - 10/27/19

"Thank you!...Thanks for always sharing the perfect word, 'J Swill'. I get it now."
"This is very scary and exciting journey and new chapter in my life...I grew up going to Church in the Now listening to audio tapes and reading books of Bishop's, going to see Judah and Jonah perform when I could because I was only 5 and 6 at the time...I went from singing on stage with Bishop, to now wanting his blessings and God's blessings for marriage...I know marriage is a huge step, and I know that with God and Bishop by my side, and all the members of the church, that my marriage will now and forever be IN THE NOW...everything the church has been through, watching it all change and evolve, and everything my family and God has been through has been to prepare me for this very day"
- ZM

Sunday, October 20, 2019


"Such an amazing and powerful energy, connection and meditation!!!"
- RM
“Meditation weekend was a complete success. North Georgia absolutely beautiful country.”
“…Metron VIII Sunrise Meditation Weekend!! So amazing. God met us there…” 
“When I stood in the circle, I cried. I wasn’t sad or troubled. I didn’t even need anything. I was just grateful. Grateful for my Metron family, knowing that I was surrounded by so much love!”
- KM
“The strength of Metron!”
- CC
“Today was awesome and felt like another level of meditation. Meditation with connectivity. Positive energy with unspoken individual needs. The circle of people felt to me like a wheel with the person in the middle as the hub connected by the spokes created by our energy. Each of us on the outer circle reaching out and connected to the person in the middle and the energy and connection from the person in the middle reaching back out to each person on the outer circle. Very powerful and electric energy. I higher level indeed. Thank you Bishop, Ken, Avery and my METRON family for an amazing experience! Love you all!!!”
- RM
“As always…enjoyed being with you guys…”
- FM
“…what a splendid time I had, thanks to you all”
“Some may say, “Heaven touches the Earth in this picture.” However, we have learned, through your teachings, that every time WE walk, Heaven touches the Earth. Thank you for this meditation weekend!”
“…We have had an amazing weekend so very thankful….”
- JB
“Another amazing Meditation weekend…Love our METRON family!!”
- RM
“…another amazing meditation with some amazing people…Love you all. Thanks Bishop”
- PW
“It was so nice to be surrounded by you amazing people. I was recently given the opportunity to find a new and better job, so staying positive has not been easy. Thank you all for reminding me WHO I am. I love and appreciate each of you.”
- RF
“…with many heart touchstones to bring gratitude to mind. Thank you so much *fearless leader*—for all the many-layered spaces you lead us”
"What an absolutely spectacular weekend…there was so much of a vibration on this trip!!!”
"I can't wait to hear about it next week at Metron! Thank you for being real and transparent in sharing with us the highlights of your week, and even so much of your personal every-day life. I always look forward to hearing about these special things, and I feel it's such a privilege to be able to do so."
- DS

Sunday, October 13, 2019

TODAY AT METRON - 10/13/19

 "Today was so good. We are moving in next level quickly. I’m excited."
- FM
"...yes yes yes!!...a sign of there is more to come so get ready"
- PW

"...ahhh beautiful!! I hear great things about the Meditation Weekend!"
- CW
"...Bishop giving NOW word before we meditate."
"I love how real you are...and how you keep it real."
- EJ

Sunday, October 6, 2019


"Today was so very "healing"... just what I needed. Thank you."
- LT
"Loved the meditation...."
- BB
"Today was an awesome day as always."
- FM
"...Thank you for expounding on the subject of how one collapses the Wave Energy in Quantum Physics to a higher plane of living...this was awesome...Thank you, my Bishop...I know there is laid up for us a good foundation "against that day", that we may lay hold onto those things...interesting, "against that day"...Thank you for being the example for those like myself who are no longer contented with the milk that our religious brothers keep rehashing and calling New!"
- RM