Sunday, December 30, 2018

TODAY AT METRON - 12/30/18

"Wow...what a powerful message, Cori, when you sang your song...I'm so glad you're free to share your beautiful story and help change lives...Bishop we never get tired of hearing all the FAVOR you have on your have taught us that our words really do become our reality...We always speak favor over every place we go & we have the exact same thing happen...I don't apologize for having a marvelous time...Thank you for planting the seed in us...❤️ Spiraling upward"
- DM
"Love love love this podcast message!!!..."
- SM
"Absolutely a beautiful service to end the year"
- DM
"Again, today's lesson was specifically for me. This circle of life that I am on has been an awesome journey. Getting to do things right this time has been tremendous. And lets talk about Cori for a minute... His song, his testimony had me unable to take pictures for a moment because I was deeply moved by his journey...It was just an awesome day all together."

Sunday, December 23, 2018


"...It was wonderful!..."
- DP
"The service was such a Christmas event. All of the people loved the tag team preaching. So glad to see all the people from Metron today. It was so beautiful."
- FM
"I love you Bishop!!! You, my friend, are just downright classy. A well set table and a polar express into the and my beloved Ken have a wonderful Christmas"
- DC
"Very good...I let my class listen when you sang. They really enjoyed it."
 "Steamed the service, really enjoyed and Merry Christmas!!!"
- CW
"Beautiful <3 <3 <3 "
- DM
"...I was so proud of you today and so thankful for what you are teaching..."
- FM

Wednesday, December 19, 2018


"Thanks Bishop! Your intentions to give us all an It’s a Wonderful Life Christmas manifest exponentially every year!"
"I had so much fun, my granddaughter could not thank me enough for allowing her to come...she thinks I have the coolest pastor...she really enjoyed your song, and I concur...only you, Bishop, could get me out of my comfort zone to do karaoke...I'm not going to criticize it, but just say I did it"
"I wanted to thank everyone that was in charge of the party. It was first class elegance. The food was excellent and the staff was so on point with making sure everything was always filled. Just a fun evening. Never could happen in church. Just Metron."
- FM
"I love peace and love. Enjoying my night. Such a beautiful space to share with my amazing peeps! Love you Bish Jim Swilley!"
- YR
 "It was a great party. So much fun with wonderful people."
- RM
"We have the best Christmas parties!"
- CC
"Thank you Bish for facilitating an awesome evening. Metron Christmas 2018"

Sunday, December 16, 2018

TODAY AT METRON - 12/16/18

"Great music...great sermon...great everything today!"
"Cori has a unique style that always puts on smile on your face when he sings...sweet spirit..."
- DM
"Today was such an awesome word. I love how you bring light to things in the bible. I love Metron."
- FM
"Eddie melts my heart every time I hear him sing my favorite "Beautiful Star of Bethlehem"...such a purity & realness...absolutely beautiful "
- DM 
"I’m here, feed me Holy Spirit. The NOW bread being delivered by Bishop Jim Swilley."
"It’s a great day!"
- RM
"Thanks Bishop for always have the words of life and sharing the true message of Christ which is love thru your teachings"
- DM
"...great word by the way.... Gave me chills!"
- BB

Sunday, December 9, 2018


"Feeling the love. I love the energy in this place! Living life at ease!...I love you Bish Jim Swilley"
- YR
"...Ready for the NOW word, delivered by the one and only Bishop Jim Swilley."
"Today was super good. Cold outside but warm inside with all the love."
- FM
"I love love this series. You hit on all kinda stuff for me today. In this packed house..."
- BB