Monday, August 9, 2021

MEDITATION WEEKEND XI - Saint Simons Island - August 8/7,8/21

"So, I know that the scientific explanation for a rainbow is that when sunlight hits a rain droplet, some of the light is reflected, and because the electromagnetic spectrum is made of light with many different wavelengths, and each is reflected at a different angle, a spectrum is separated, producing a rainbow...I also imagine that this probably occurs frequently on Saint Simons Island, even though I've visited there many, many times in my lifetime, and have never seen a rainbow there...But it didn't rain a drop on SSI all day long on Saturday...Some time Saturday afternoon I messaged everyone who was attending the event that evening to give them an assignment of making a list of 11 things for which they were grateful, in honor of our 11th Meditation Weekend, and to share them with the group at our the people started sharing their lists that evening, the presence of God/Spirit/Source/I AM/The Anointing became so obvious and heavy in the circle that we all felt it...all of a sudden, the biggest and most vivid double rainbow I've ever seen in my life appeared right above us, and remained for a while...the pics of it are awesome, but they don't do it's not over the top to say that it was staggeringly beautiful and simply breathtaking in person...some people might say it's a fluke that it happened, or was a natural phenomen, especially in a climate like that...but it appeared just as the words of gratitude were being audibly expressed, in exactly that spot, even though there had been no rain...In the 12th Chapter of John, an audible Voice from heaven confirmed Jesus' words about glorifying His Name...the scriptures say that some people in the crowd that He was addressing heard it, but others said it was just thunder, or an angel speaking...on the Day of Pentecost, Peter said that what was happening to the 120 in the Upper Room was a fulfillment of Joel's prophecy...other people said that they were just drunk...Einstein said, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”...for me, this was a bona fide miracle, and I think I can speak for everyone who witnessed it firsthand that they feel the same way...Some people who see these pics may say that the appearance of the rainbow was simply a fortunate coincidence from Mother Nature - being in the right place at the right time...others will say that it is God's confirmation, in an homage to the Noah story...those of us who were in that circle at exactly that time know exactly what it was..."
- JS
"There is always something comforting about what I call the spirit of God. Sometimes, it is like being breathed upon. Other times, it is like breath coming out of me. In the old spiritual, 'Where you there?' it says "sometimes" it will make you tremble, tremble, tremble. When the mystical rainbow appeared as 60 or 70 of us gathered at sunset on the beach, for me, it was a Moses moment, where I said, "I will now turn aside and see what this is, in reality". While others may not understand the disturbance of what happened, it was a version of the burning bush. Unless you were there, in that moment, I understand why others will say its just a rainbow. I don't think the source was telling us anything specific, although someone said it was a sign to them they were on the right track, just confirmation. It could be different things to different people who were there. This is what I know this morning.. if you believe in miracles, they happen, if you're looking to see miracles, you see them. If you live in gratitude, the meal barrel will never run dry."
- ES

"There was something definitely different about this one, maybe it was because Leslie Brisendine was there, or Diane from Charlotte, or maybe, Jim had just come down off of his rooftop after a 40 day fast. Maybe it was just me, and instead of being so meditative, and introverted, I decided to live and let live, ya'll, I needed that nap before Sunset on Saturday, I was tired. Maybe it is was because my friendship with Jeanette and Ed seemed to be building a foundation, or in talking to Leslie Holloway, I found out her much older brother and I ran the streets of Cabbagetown together as boys...small world we live in...I ate fried shrimp baskets, meatloaf and taters, and cheese cornbread, As Pam Wince and I tore into some cornbread, I told her, you can tell people who were raised poor, we sure do love our bread. I hung out with Karen and Mrs. Romanita, at one point Saturday, it was as if Metron people had stormed the downtown area and were taking over, at Barbara Jean cafe, there was Me and Ava, Bj, and Joe and Tommy and Cathy and her mom, and Pam and Jeanette and Ed, what a wonderful afternoon, we held that table hostage for a good while. At the gathering on the beach Saturday evening, we were taking turns standing and saying some things we are grateful for, when this dramatic rainbow boldly appear in the middle of us, it disrupted us as we all stopped what we were doing, I remembered where Gloria Gaither use to say " God is in the Disruptions". I'm of the sort, I never process stuff until days or weeks later, whatever that was will come to light in the weeks ahead for me. I did feel the Holy Spirit while it was happening. As I was leaving Sunday morning Mrs. Cathy's mom said to me in the parking lot, what you said about other groups think they own the rights to Jesus, but they don't, was profound for me, then she shared some of her religious journey with me that she is now free from, profound she said, simply profound. Then she told me her age, what a beautiful sweet lady. The picture is from Pam Wince, when I saw it with Lesley and Diane in it, I thought in a thousand years, if writers of that time should come across this pic, they surely will write, " in those days, angels roamed the earth...because this past weekend... they did." - ES