Sunday, October 4, 2020


 “Today was a huge blessing to us. Everything was so timely and important to hear. Thank you!! Also, being outside with everyone was truly therapeutic!!!”

- DB 

“Always illuminating that which the Holy Spirit has spoke to me. Love you Bishop....

- JG

“Such a Spiritual connection that I can pick up in Spirit where we left off years ago. Always feel much better after hearing your word than I did before hearing it. Blessings to you, Ken and family. Enjoy your travels with your beautiful Grandchildren.”
- CT

“Loved the insights”
- DH

“Great insight between the trees today! When your are looking outside of time, timing is everything!”
- KB

“Confirmation after confirmation!! Thank you Bishop!!”

“You said you had a word today and and you sure did deliver!!! As always!!!”

- RM

“Amen!!!! Bishop you are all in my Business!!!!!!!! Yesssss! Amen!”
- OD 

“Bishop, why are you in the conversation I had with my son on this same topic. Thank you for the confirmation!”

- SS 

“Such confirmation for me today. Even with the dates from the fridge. I was going through my mom’s fridge yesterday looking at all the ‘best if used by’ dates. Good Word today, and yes I remember all your house miracles! Amazing! Gives me hope for my own miracle!”

- ML 

“I agree with you 100%”

- AR 

“… I so needed this word right now Bishop!! I will get that job and it will be something I enjoy doing!! I AM QUALIFIED!! #timeandchance

- RH 

“Metron Marathon! I'm down!”

- EJ

“Man, I needed to hear this today, Bish.”

- GH 

“Keep preaching I need it”

- CH 

“Confirmation from my prayer this week!!!!!! Thanks Bishop!!!! Amen!!!”

- OD

"Great teaching today...really enjoyed it. Have a fabulous trip with your granddaughters!"

- JK

"Good word..."
- MBC 

"Great word this morning! Just what I needed! #refreshing #blessings"
- WF

"Today's word had so much confirmation for me in what I have going on in my life right now...Thanks Bish..."-BJB
"You were ON today"- KW


Sunday, September 20, 2020


"One of the best words I have ever heard. Let me be clear I have heard thousands and thousands of words my life time. Most of the best ones for me came from you Bishop. Home run for me today. Glory to God. Blessings Sir."

“This was one of those times for me "you have no need that any man should teach". It is not that I know everything but I did know. You just let me know that what I knew was okay. Maybe it's because of my age. Thank you”

- BC

“We were ready for the shut down because of your leadership; the best tech team was in place, giving on line, you’re tech savvy to be mobile, and you are connected to still be relevant.”

- RF 

"I really needed this word!! I AM!! Right now!! 

"This is an amazing message"

- BB

"Metron is I am and I am Metron."

- EJ

"What an awesome day.... I loved everything about it..."


Sunday, September 13, 2020


“Deep as you go I'll follow, deep as the water goes - 

All the world is hollow and dry, but you lead and I will follow you…" 


“Amazing message Bishop!” 

- LY

“Amen Bishop, that’s the word for me today.”

- LH

    “METRON? God defies description too."

 - CB

“Thank you, Bishop, for knowing the history behind The Doors, who were ahead of their time in terns of hoping to impart "spiritual revelations" despite their shortcomings in their personal lives.” 

- AA

“Again, confirmations of the goings on in my life. 

I’m always blown away by how my spirit hears what you’re saying and confirms my thoughts.”

- LH

“I’ve never heard you speak 

            before so this was nice…"

- CB

“You’ve taught me how to use that power of calling things into existence.

 I know it’s real. Anything is possible.” 

- LH

"I believe! Amen Bish!"