Sunday, September 13, 2020


“Deep as you go I'll follow, deep as the water goes - 

All the world is hollow and dry, but you lead and I will follow you…" 


“Amazing message Bishop!” 

- LY

“Amen Bishop, that’s the word for me today.”

- LH

    “METRON? God defies description too."

 - CB

“Thank you, Bishop, for knowing the history behind The Doors, who were ahead of their time in terns of hoping to impart "spiritual revelations" despite their shortcomings in their personal lives.” 

- AA

“Again, confirmations of the goings on in my life. 

I’m always blown away by how my spirit hears what you’re saying and confirms my thoughts.”

- LH

“I’ve never heard you speak 

            before so this was nice…"

- CB

“You’ve taught me how to use that power of calling things into existence.

 I know it’s real. Anything is possible.” 

- LH

"I believe! Amen Bish!"


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