Monday, April 25, 2016


"I knew it was going to be a great day when Chandra started singing 'He Lives in Me'...Amazing!...So excited to have Jon ITB...What a God send and faithful friend he has been thru the years. Man did he minister that song (Spirit Lead Me). I loved having you & Jon go back and forth on what the translation of the Scriptures means to each you. There was so much to take in & try to digest...The truth ALWAYS sets you free & we're ALWAYS in transition...We need awakenings in our lives daily. I could listen to this forever...Wow, Wow, Wow! 
Can't wait to have him back. 
P.S. Love your duet of the B.I.B.L.E"
"The only word I can think of today is transcendent. It's my favorite thing when it was truly wonderful and fascinating..."
"Transcendent is a good word ... agreed!"
"It was sooo wonderful hearing his anointed voice again."
"It was a great word on Sunday. 
My spirit, my soul soooo needed all that. 
Thank you both Jon and Bishop."
"What an awesome, awesome time. Great messages new and old. So glad friend Jon Scott shared the ministering today and sang.The flow today based off Jesus' words "You've heard it said, but I say to you..."A number of things presented today to think, ponder, question, search. Loved it and everyone here!"

Sunday, April 17, 2016


"Thanks Bishop Jim Swilley. Church was what my sister and I needed to hear. If anything we came to hear you deliver this profound message. 'Become What You Believe'".
-JG, from Portland
"Transfiguration : Quantum Physics and the Miracles of Jesus.... Awesome word today, Bishop. 
I so needed it.....Becoming what I Believe!!!! Love"
- PW 
"So good to be in service this morning with Bishop Jim Swilley
Very powerful WORD!"

"I love all the challenges that we get each week... It makes us get out of our comfort zone from our usual routine and see things differently...Today's word was great... I believe just like each of us have to search out our own salvation, we also have to find our own way to healing... Our faith could never grow if we didn't have to search for what's right for each of us... Thanks for always stretching us to be better" 
"Today was off the charts Jim Swilley..Road trips are good vibrations!"
"Bishop, today’s message at Metron is exemplary!  Everything, Everyone, every -thought, experience, perception, etc. is energy. All energy is connected and produces.  
Every change in energy produces change across All Energy. Every conscious change in energy, - intention – magnifies the change by the energy in the intention. Observation could be considered passive, and is still a choice of the constant flow of energy to focus on for conscious observation, has intention and decision of what to consciously observe and that impact on thought, action – intention.  All things are possible – conscious connection to the connection of all energy, - awareness of individual, familial, social, universal intention – pro-active and responsive – intention, agreement, difference – enhance the flow of thought to experience.
Happiness, peace, love, are universally enjoyed experiences. Conscious awareness of the connection of all energy, with intention to enjoy experience benefits all.
Yay!! for expressing it so well combining physical observation and measurement with spiritual freedom."

"Great word...."

Monday, April 11, 2016


"Watched Metron late last night and a phrase that you spoke has been ringing in my soul all morning: "With God..ALL things are possible.' We are programmed to read that particular scripture and think of it as God's supernatural ability to do some miraculous thing in our healing our body when all medical odds are against us..or being able to land a great position that we aren't qualified for..etc. But when I heard you speak the phrase last night, it illuminated a new room in me. With every new unveiling and the reception of new insight..regarding laws of attraction, observation, and perception..ALL things that we can see through enlightened eyes are POSSIBLE to us. Of course, I know that's the core teaching that you've been sharing with us these past few years, so the idea of quantum physics and 'endless possibility' is not a new concept at all..but me associating the phenomenon with this particular scripture is a new way of rightly dividing it for me. Everything and anything that we can believe..IS possible. If we think, feel, speak..that we would like to see something 'appealing to the eye' to be built in the vacant lot in front of our apartment complex..then the very next morning its possibility will become evident."
"With God, all things are possible." When I read it like's like..HE can do miraculous things for us (and we know that he definitely can and does). When I read it the other way, I hear.."With God (because his essence is in fact ours..and by him and through him all things were made possible)....He has now made it so that..for US (greater things shall you do) ALL things are possible. With God (How he sees it..and from where He sits)..All things (we can believe) are possible."-DS
"...Your energy was contagious yesterday. Laughing is good for our souls. It's like fiber...
Cleanses the soul!..LOL"- FM
"...Yes!!! Thank u for never cancelling the streaming. I agree with the other folks!! U truly do have the words of life. And today u talked about "gotta hear ur voice". I agree with that too...
And the singing was HILARIOUS!!!! - JL

Sunday, April 10, 2016


"...I just recently found you again and attended services via stream today for the first time...I gotta tell you, although I have been feeling bad about not being in church because that was missing from my life, but clearly there is NO bad timing because your word today was just for me! I look forward to physically attending now that I have found u again. I didn't want to find a new church home because I knew you were the pastor for me! So happy I found you again and that you are doing wonderful! You are a great guy with a wonderful heart and deserve all the best! Thank you for adding to my life!..."
"...thank you for the message today! it's crazy how much I could relate (because of some difficulties I've been facing).. but like you said you are my pastor because it doesn't matter how long I've been away...the word that you give is always on time for the space that I'm in.. I really appreciate that!"
"You were in rare form & hilarious today... Thank you for being so real... Great word... A lot to think on... And thanks for never canceling streaming  looking forward to this weeks challenge 🍏🌽🍐"

Monday, April 4, 2016


"So thankful you decided to stream this morning... I almost had a meltdown when it wasn't up & Charles said you weren't sure if you were going to stream... I don't care if you just stand there and smile... I need my connection 😊 just hearing your voice puts a calmness in the atmosphere... I really needed're so right that we manifest our own's ALL good! Chandra was amazing this morning... Love her groove ... Speaking peace & joy to you as you celebrate your day... Much love... 🎉🎈🎊"