Sunday, April 17, 2016


"Thanks Bishop Jim Swilley. Church was what my sister and I needed to hear. If anything we came to hear you deliver this profound message. 'Become What You Believe'".
-JG, from Portland
"Transfiguration : Quantum Physics and the Miracles of Jesus.... Awesome word today, Bishop. 
I so needed it.....Becoming what I Believe!!!! Love"
- PW 
"So good to be in service this morning with Bishop Jim Swilley
Very powerful WORD!"

"I love all the challenges that we get each week... It makes us get out of our comfort zone from our usual routine and see things differently...Today's word was great... I believe just like each of us have to search out our own salvation, we also have to find our own way to healing... Our faith could never grow if we didn't have to search for what's right for each of us... Thanks for always stretching us to be better" 
"Today was off the charts Jim Swilley..Road trips are good vibrations!"
"Bishop, today’s message at Metron is exemplary!  Everything, Everyone, every -thought, experience, perception, etc. is energy. All energy is connected and produces.  
Every change in energy produces change across All Energy. Every conscious change in energy, - intention – magnifies the change by the energy in the intention. Observation could be considered passive, and is still a choice of the constant flow of energy to focus on for conscious observation, has intention and decision of what to consciously observe and that impact on thought, action – intention.  All things are possible – conscious connection to the connection of all energy, - awareness of individual, familial, social, universal intention – pro-active and responsive – intention, agreement, difference – enhance the flow of thought to experience.
Happiness, peace, love, are universally enjoyed experiences. Conscious awareness of the connection of all energy, with intention to enjoy experience benefits all.
Yay!! for expressing it so well combining physical observation and measurement with spiritual freedom."

"Great word...."

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