Monday, April 11, 2016


"Watched Metron late last night and a phrase that you spoke has been ringing in my soul all morning: "With God..ALL things are possible.' We are programmed to read that particular scripture and think of it as God's supernatural ability to do some miraculous thing in our healing our body when all medical odds are against us..or being able to land a great position that we aren't qualified for..etc. But when I heard you speak the phrase last night, it illuminated a new room in me. With every new unveiling and the reception of new insight..regarding laws of attraction, observation, and perception..ALL things that we can see through enlightened eyes are POSSIBLE to us. Of course, I know that's the core teaching that you've been sharing with us these past few years, so the idea of quantum physics and 'endless possibility' is not a new concept at all..but me associating the phenomenon with this particular scripture is a new way of rightly dividing it for me. Everything and anything that we can believe..IS possible. If we think, feel, speak..that we would like to see something 'appealing to the eye' to be built in the vacant lot in front of our apartment complex..then the very next morning its possibility will become evident."
"With God, all things are possible." When I read it like's like..HE can do miraculous things for us (and we know that he definitely can and does). When I read it the other way, I hear.."With God (because his essence is in fact ours..and by him and through him all things were made possible)....He has now made it so that..for US (greater things shall you do) ALL things are possible. With God (How he sees it..and from where He sits)..All things (we can believe) are possible."-DS
"...Your energy was contagious yesterday. Laughing is good for our souls. It's like fiber...
Cleanses the soul!..LOL"- FM
"...Yes!!! Thank u for never cancelling the streaming. I agree with the other folks!! U truly do have the words of life. And today u talked about "gotta hear ur voice". I agree with that too...
And the singing was HILARIOUS!!!! - JL

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