Monday, April 25, 2016


"I knew it was going to be a great day when Chandra started singing 'He Lives in Me'...Amazing!...So excited to have Jon ITB...What a God send and faithful friend he has been thru the years. Man did he minister that song (Spirit Lead Me). I loved having you & Jon go back and forth on what the translation of the Scriptures means to each you. There was so much to take in & try to digest...The truth ALWAYS sets you free & we're ALWAYS in transition...We need awakenings in our lives daily. I could listen to this forever...Wow, Wow, Wow! 
Can't wait to have him back. 
P.S. Love your duet of the B.I.B.L.E"
"The only word I can think of today is transcendent. It's my favorite thing when it was truly wonderful and fascinating..."
"Transcendent is a good word ... agreed!"
"It was sooo wonderful hearing his anointed voice again."
"It was a great word on Sunday. 
My spirit, my soul soooo needed all that. 
Thank you both Jon and Bishop."
"What an awesome, awesome time. Great messages new and old. So glad friend Jon Scott shared the ministering today and sang.The flow today based off Jesus' words "You've heard it said, but I say to you..."A number of things presented today to think, ponder, question, search. Loved it and everyone here!"

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