Monday, January 24, 2022


“Aloha, Aloha...Spirit knocked it out of the park this about a grand slam!...all the spiritual bases were brought home with the sun and moon against the waters and sky and wind (my friend)! So blessed to be a part and a witness…I wanted to take a screen shot but could not really truly was a promise and a covenant experience”

- AA

“How amazing is that!! Our 11 O'clock in sync with the Sunrise in Hawaii!! Won't he do it!! Thank you Zak!!…It's a God thang!! Thank you Universe!! I need your power to rub off onto me Bish!! I believe you can make ANYTHING happen!!”

- RH  

“Omg!! This is EVERYTHING, Bishop! What a beautiful vibe!…” 

- DS   

“So glad (we) could be there and experience this!! It was amazing!! Thank you!! So grateful for you Bish!! Thank you Zak for the amazing visual!! It was spectacular!! I wanna go to Hawaii now more than ever!! Really needed the good vibes today!!” 

- RH   

“I was blown away just listening to it over the phone…” 

- BBY  

“Magical!!!! Thanks Jim Swilley!!!!” 

- PW  

“Bishop, the Meditation XIII Part 2 this morning was AWEsome! You are such a blessing to lead us in these amazing experiences. I'm thrilled that I was able to connect with you, our Metron family and the sand, sea and sun in Hawaii! Please express my utmost thanks to Zach for helping us get there!” 

- RDS  

“soooooo cool!…That view is everything!!!…You can feel it!!!” 

- BJB 

“Absolutely awesome…surreal” 



- AA

“I told you bishop you are always on time” 

- CH

“We have no limits!!!!” 

- BB


- HT

“This was ordained” 

- RK

“The night and the morning is the first day.  Or a new day. Thanks Zak for allowing us to experience a new day. Thanks Bishop for the manifestation of restoration!” 

- FF

“Astral Projection is a great new level for this group….no apologies needed.” 

- KB

”There really is nothing that the Metron community can't do” 


“…This was my first time doing anything like this…It was INCREDIBLE.” 

- CA

“This was exactly what I needed! I have been running full steam ahead this week and especially today!  This slowed me down and put my mind back in a good place…”


"I have been trying to find the words to communicate how Sunday changed my life, yet again..."