Monday, June 6, 2022


"Awesome word today...As always...Right on time in my life."
- BB

“Great teaching today….personally, I’m glad there was nothing else to get in your way.” 

- KB  


“Loved that today’s word started to go deeper and uncover or expose more religious programming. It answered a few lingering questions for me. Love you Bish. Thanks for being authentic and genuine. Most of all thanks for speaking truth regardless of any fear of other’s opinions.”

- GG

“And I want to add...the meditation at the end.....the music, the visual on the screen by the talented Tech Team, your soothing voice speaking words of life to us was Holy Ghostly...perfect for Pentecost Sunday…”

- JBT  


- LB  

“So so so so good today…”  

- EJ

“Today was good, not that I'm surprised. This sheep still hears your voice. It kind of reminds me of a dear friend from CBC. I don't speak with him often and haven't seen him in at least ten years. When we speak it's like no time has passed. Since we are just ITB once a month the podcasts are a bit different but when we are together same thing, no time seems to have passed.” 

- BLR    

“I was totally with you in your message today, Bishop!” 

- RDS  

“Great message today! 


“I sense an intense vibration in just reading your words! Just scrolling a minute ago and I saw a couple of photos from the service this morning. My first thought at first glance was, Wow!..there’s such an obvious, elevated GLORY on these photos! So excited and filled with anticipation! Can’t wait to watch tonight and experience it!” 

- DS

“Yesterday was good. That teaching has so many layers to it…teaching like that sends my brain to spinning even while I'm sitting there.”