Sunday, January 26, 2020


- PR
"What an amazing weekend"
- JG
"It was beyond anything I expected."
- FM
 "…everybody had super time"
- BY
"Thank you for such a wonderful memorable experience... It's a new level much enjoyed..."
- KS
"Had a great time in Blue Ridge Georgia. Meditation weekend was phenomenal."
"What came to mind for me was 'Harmonious Gathering'...being in the company of this miraculous group of people is so great. Mostly though when Bishop touched me I started seeing light patterns flashing through the darkness. It made me think of the rhythm of life. It is how we come into harmony with our surroundings."
- RS
"…He made new wine out of us all. I love you all very much!"
"Thanks for a memorable weekend"
- KH
"This was the best meditation, forever etched in my heart"
"The power of mediation and connection at the appointed time"
- JM
“Beautiful! Just the way Jesus envisioned His Church to be...Jim Swilley, you are pioneering something beautiful. You have played a great role in bringing reformation in the Church worldwide…Thank you for all your giving"
- JC
"It’s amazing how the spirit of universe works with us when we work with it. Beautiful weekend."
- FM
“…wonderful experience”
- LT
“Bishop, you carry a very special anointing unique to the heart of God…I believe Jesus channelled Himself through you this weekend…we will never come down from our present upper room occurrence…we are forever ambassadors of this weekend experience”
- DC
“…Happy. Blessed. Grateful for this fulfilling best-life weekend. Thank you Bishop and each of you here”
" Jim Swilley has been my Bishop for over 13 years but it feels like a lifetime. I believe he knew me before we met. Spending this weekend with him during this meditation weekend has been inspiring, liberating, and life changing. Whenever I’ve been in your presence my life has been forever changed and this weekend was no different. May God continue to use you to encourage the power within, speak truth that sets free, and lay hands that transform. You are a are my Bishop and I will cherish our connection forever."
- JG
"Powerful meditation weekend..."
- PW
"The powerful spiritual army that is being raised up through Bishop Jim Swilley and his meditation weekends are a beginning of things to come, things that will change the world's understanding of reality and orientation and equality and what it means to be "of God.""
- DW
"Psalms 46:10
'Be Still and Know that I am God'
This past weekend was such an amazing bonding time with my family. I can't even describe in words the energy that was present in the "upper room". The connection this weekend was real. My family and I were able to learn things about each other... even some things we never wanted to know (inside joke). It was so powerful to be present and be able to Meditate together as a Family...8 Family members, thinking about the number 8... making 2 Circles joining them together in the Middle...Unconditional Love Bond...I want to thank Jim Swilley and the METRON family for another great Spiritual Meditation Weekend"
- KH
"Every Meditation weekend I think this can not top the previous one. Each time I get proven wrong. The vibration was so strong on this one...I felt the room vibrating!"
"Another excellent weekend with my METRON fam! First we gathered at the marina to have a few moments outside with nature. Then we moved indoors for a sort of “upper room” experience. Great vibes and awesome people!

- KM
"Jim Swilley, Jesus is so proud of you"
- JC

Sunday, January 19, 2020


"An awesome message..."
- KM
"Today was super good. I feel so blessed to have you as my life coach. You are always leading us higher and better in the best life ever. Thank you."
- FM
"At Metron this morning...such sweet people."
"Love this!"
- RS
"A great day when I came to Metron..."
- FM
"I am so excited about the upcoming meditation weekend. It is always something magical that happens."
- BB

Sunday, January 12, 2020


"Today was so next level. We need a building without a roof because you keep taking us higher each week. Love it so much."
- FM
"I was driving when I was listening to you today. I laughed, I cried, I was giving you high fives in the spirit and I was at peace. What an amazing word! Thank you!" 
"Hello Bishop, I was not at Metron today but I HEARD YOU..." 
- HT
"Bish... I was very close to throwing my church hat today! Definitely a word in season!"

Sunday, January 5, 2020


"Great way to start off the year!"
- JJ
"What can I say about today other that I am so excited about this next phase of life. I left on a high after our meditation. I saw a skilled archer today hitting a target every time when shooting. That’s how precise your words are in spiritual places."
- FM
"I truly love these meditation months. The closeness is absolutely awesome!"
- BB