Friday, December 17, 2021


"Fabulous...Fabulous time at the Metron 2021 Christmas party...Metron does it right!!!"
- BB
"Looks like you guys had a great event!"
Merry Christmas to my Metron!
"Great night and great pics. Thanks to you and your team for always doing it right!"
- KB
"Metron party was fun"
- DC

Monday, December 6, 2021


"Amazing service today. It was beautiful. The music was great. Kevin and Alysia, I loved your interpretations of Christmas classics. Eddie and Jim y’all made me tear up. Bishop, the message of kindness and reconciliation is timely and right on time. Also knowing those who have moved on from Earth are always there coming to us from a place of love is a comfort. May your cups of kindness overflow! Love y’all Metron Family. Heading up 75!"

- EJ

"So good!"

- LDD 
“I wish I would’ve been there but the whole service was beautiful!!” 

- RLH  

“…I met Jim Swilley one night years ago when shortly after he was all in the news as this Mega Church Pastor from Conyers who stood before his congregation and came out. He was the story all over CNN and the View, and scores of other media outlets - ABC, CBS, NBC. I liked him the first night I met him, and have liked him more and more as the years have gone by. I like that he is a complex man, deeply intuitive, spiritual, open-minded…The group of people I have met over these last 9 years of being around Jim, from Church in the Now Midtown, to Metron, to the Meditation Weekends have been extraordinary - people from Knoxville to Florida, to Indiana, and some of the sweetest people on earth around Georgia. It is simply extraordinary. Good people…” 

- EWS  

"Good Word... I absolutely enjoyed all of the selections from today!!!"

- BB

Sunday, November 7, 2021


"Wonderful energy here today!!! Love my peeps!"

- BLR 

"...I really enjoyed myself. No doubts that I was in the right place, at the right time, hearing what I was supposed to hear. Powerful message that will resonate with for some time...looking forward to the next gathering."

- GM

"Fabulous message today on so many levels bro...What an amazing day!..."

- KB

"...Amazing word today."

- EN

"A thought on the ride home, re today's teaching: it feels like you've brought us to a new pasture...and today you gave us one of those 'park maps' for it, describing what we might find along any of the paths."


"Wow, church as a manifestation of your life! ( My takeaway from this message) That is priceless-- and an ironic indictment of US church history through the current day."

- VN

"...I am glad for voices like yours to uncover truths that bring people peace."



"Good word today Bish... You didn't see it but I threw down my church hat." 


"Metron goes beyond being "free in Christ" by living free in deed(s)!"

- VN 

"All I know is that I'm supposed to be here."

- EJ