Sunday, January 22, 2023


"You betta bring the Holy Spirit to Helen, GA..."

"Meditation weekend XVII was super energizing! Creating the circle (what we deemed our energy circle) of openly energized people after having done a meditation session, stepping into the center of that circle and becoming a receptor for the flow of that energy while simultaneously returning it to the circle was very palpable. It is/was like having an open electrical source that needed to be closed by the person in the center completing the loop. It allowed the light of the spirit to show us our being and gave us the permission/strength to be good with who we are!"
- RS
"This photo is truly astonishing! It looks like a bird hovering over the light with a breathtaking..."
- MH
"I see a BUTTERFLY with her wings extended/opened! Maybe taking your peeps to a Transformation with your AMAZING MEDITATION WEEKEND!!"
"This is a fantastic spiritual meditation retreat"
- JH
"I Love this. I see "I Am". Beautiful."
- AA
"For one to live authentically...the head and heart must be in harmony. Is it strange that I see a being with hands raised in gratitude and surrender, a light bulb moment is happening in the mind, and now the head is resting in the heart."
- DS
"The blues and greens remind me of Archangels Michael and Raphael, both of whom you want on the scene at a healing retreat. Some of the prismatic geometric play could be suggestive of Metatron. Creativity, intention, Divine Time folding in on itself. Can't wait to hear more about this one"
- SD
  • "The thing that personally meant the most to me this time was to watch those who have not been in this type of environment before embrace what was happening and actually get something out of it. Especially those young people who felt misunderstood and seem to find a way to learn to view the world around them now."
- RS
"aMAAzing! God is making miracles for us already!!"
"What a beautiful blessing...Peace +"
- AA
"What I liked most about the location this time was having been stationed in Europe when I was a soldier, experiencing the nostalgia of seeing the style of homes and businesses from there, the smells of the authentic foods, and even how the town closes down in early evening just like Europe was great. Overall for me, one of the best ones!"
- RS
"Meditation Weekend XVII was the most magical one for me, yet. It wasn’t really about the words or the insight, it was more about the emotions, feelings and peacefulness."
"When Jesus came to Helen Georgia!"
- BB
"The thing that personally meant the most to me this time was the fact that when inside it was much more intimate, intense, and powerful as our energy levels were more concentrated and contained and not blowing in the wind."
- JH
"What I liked most about the location this time was the fact that it was a cute, fun town, smaller in size, more time to explore and so fun to run into others while out in the town."
- JH
"#XVII was more than my heart could imagine...from the moment I stepped on the grounds, there was a charge that went through me and electrified me to open my mind for great life will never be the same for having the experience...what mattered the most to me was having three generations of my family there, and I didn't ask them to come - they told me and began making put out the call, and we heard and decided we wanted to drink of the water that nourished our soul..."
"Meditation weekend XVII was simply beyond words. I really don’t need words, but for those who weren’t there I’ll try to describe: stronger awareness of the presence of Christ in me...peace, joy, awareness of abundance and wholeness. I also am amazed every retreat attracts very grounded, well rounded people with a strong sense of spirituality...from someone who has “sat under” a lot of the “big names“ in the spiritual community you don't often find that. The fellowship is amazing."
- JC

  • "One more thing I described to a friend about the retreats in general: “old School" Pentecostals, new age people, straight couples, and all varieties of lgbtq+ folks, as well as people of all ethnic backgrounds, find common ground...and in this day that is a are a bridge builder, plain and simple. I thought I was done with the Bible and “the anointing” until I met you..."
  • - JC
"I liked the fact that we were next to a river, as you always say there is just something about the water..."
- BY

Sunday, January 8, 2023


  "Oh such a beautiful word of deliverance from survival mode mentality!"

- DW

"So good!"

- EJ

"Thanks for having Johnny at was a pleasure listening to him play."

- KB

“He was amazing. Such a sweet, humble spirit.”


"The last piece had a sweet word for me in it"


"Thank You Choosing Support For Children in Ukraine As January OutReach."

- LB

"Johnny was amazing!"

- BR

"He always brings good vibes"
- CH

I sure did enjoy that young fellow, there was such a sweet spirit about him...I felt like he was offering a gift to us, his gift."


"What An Amazing Birthday Gift to Dr. Sheila..."
- LB
"He fed my soul this morning and so did you Bishop Jim Swilley"
- CH
"Great Word today Bish! So right on time as always..."