Sunday, March 6, 2022


 "Wow!! Happy Jubilee (50 Years) in the ministry. We are thankful to hear your message every Sunday. Even if it means to break it down. We love it. It gives us a clear understanding of what the message means. We are blessed to be a part of your ministry, and send prayers and love back to you and Ken. Let's rejoice and have a wonderful celebration in honor of you."

- LT 

"Happy Golden Jubilee 50th Anniversary, Bishop! You mean more to us than words can express. We appreciate and honor you for everything you do/are"

- DB 

"Truly received that POWERFUL WORD today! #trulyenlightenmysoul"

- WF
"I always have a great day when I start my day at Metron"

- CC   

"SO, so good!"

- HB 

"...Marshall was great as always. Loved his take on a couple of great spirituals. Good word!"


"Man...What a powerful word today...Very needed for me personally as always"

- BB

"Bis(h) always gives us what we need."

- CC