Monday, June 6, 2022


"Awesome word today...As always...Right on time in my life."
- BB

“Great teaching today….personally, I’m glad there was nothing else to get in your way.” 

- KB  


“Loved that today’s word started to go deeper and uncover or expose more religious programming. It answered a few lingering questions for me. Love you Bish. Thanks for being authentic and genuine. Most of all thanks for speaking truth regardless of any fear of other’s opinions.”

- GG

“And I want to add...the meditation at the end.....the music, the visual on the screen by the talented Tech Team, your soothing voice speaking words of life to us was Holy Ghostly...perfect for Pentecost Sunday…”

- JBT  


- LB  

“So so so so good today…”  

- EJ

“Today was good, not that I'm surprised. This sheep still hears your voice. It kind of reminds me of a dear friend from CBC. I don't speak with him often and haven't seen him in at least ten years. When we speak it's like no time has passed. Since we are just ITB once a month the podcasts are a bit different but when we are together same thing, no time seems to have passed.” 

- BLR    

“I was totally with you in your message today, Bishop!” 

- RDS  

“Great message today! 


“I sense an intense vibration in just reading your words! Just scrolling a minute ago and I saw a couple of photos from the service this morning. My first thought at first glance was, Wow!..there’s such an obvious, elevated GLORY on these photos! So excited and filled with anticipation! Can’t wait to watch tonight and experience it!” 

- DS

“Yesterday was good. That teaching has so many layers to it…teaching like that sends my brain to spinning even while I'm sitting there.” 


Monday, May 2, 2022


"So let me just say was like magic! You snatched my soul out of my body and gently placed it back just right...every time you speak it gives me confirmation of certain things I'm debating on (that you know nothing about). I told you before, you preach like you're preaching for your life. It comes so naturally . I don't know what you and the Lord talked about before this morning, but it shows the Lord is all up in you...I can't wait for Meditation Weekend (XV), because it's like a box of never know what you're going to get! But the outcome is always good and needed..."
- CH
"Bishop this is an exquisite powerful message! John 
 "I will see you again," = birthing your own Jonah process is not so much the reuniting of lost joy, but an altogether new world, made flesh in you. Then it will click, what you had seen in me. They had just asked him what it meant that he would leave and then return."
- DW
"AahhMAYzing! What a way to start the month!"
"You are the Ultimate"Teach by Example"person -(the most) I've ever known!"
- CS
"...Rabbi, Today's word was nothing less than a masterpiece straight from Spirit. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
"Awesome word today, Thank you!"
- VC
"Chef's kiss...beautiful word!"
"What a WORD"
- MM
"The words of life!!!!! That is what I have to say about today's teaching!"
- BB

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

MEDITATION WEEKEND XIV - Jekyll Island - 4/16-17/20

"Wow... I am still processing this weekend....I know one thing, the presence of God was on that can feel it in those baptismal pictures...I promise Jesus was on the beach with us at that time..."
"...Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend...Meditation weekends always happen at the right time for me. I've been dealing with a ton of work stress over the last several months and being here with you melted it all away...Thank you to Jim Swilley for getting us together for Communion wherever we are, for being an amazing person, and our guide...I enjoyed spending time with each of you this weekend and thank you for the friendships we're building. Thank you for the serious conversations and the silly ones. I love you all, my friends..."
- EJ
"Truly was an Amazing experience for me! Just what I needed at this moment of my life!"
- WF
"...we have to head back down south, but wanted to say what a miraculous weekend this was from start to finish. Even if some things did not go as we planned them, they were still miraculous in every way. The biggest miracles that I have are the connections and the friendships that were made this weekend. I enjoyed getting to know new people and strengthening old friendships...The highlight for me definitely was communion. That was the first time I had communion in 20 years, and it felt right. A special thank you to my Rabbi for letting me sit at his feet and listen and learn and deconstruct from past religious trauma. I receive my healing gratefully. I love you all...see you online next week and in the flesh in August!"
"I have been reflecting on our time this weekend. Mike and I set an intention this past week for this weekend to be about learning more about meditation and meeting other like minded people. Other than that we were totally open. We accomplished both. We completed an audio book on the drive down that I would recommend to anyone. It was rich with the basics. We also had great fellowship on top of that. Above that I think we made some great friends. Thanks everyone for making us feel welcome. On another note I saw a lot of things to come while I was there. I am extremely excited. I think this is just the beginning for Mike and me."
- GG
"Had an absolutely amazing time with my Metron Family. Was so excited that my husband and daughter were with me..."
- RWK 

"...I am overjoyed with great exhilaration every opportunity I get to work with you Bishop and whatever endeavor you are planning!!!! Ken you are best and I was absolutely delighted to celebrate with you on "The National Ken Day!!!"
- PW
"Married on Good Friday and baptized on Easter. My heart forever thankful and free. The roads here were often treacherous, and the resultant destination is more beautiful than all the natural ecosystems combined. I am FREE. I will forever feel the Baptismal waters wash over me. Thank you Bishop, and to everyone there and to everyone in my loving life."
"Look at God I got baptized in the ocean today in Jekyll Island by my Bishop Jim Swilley...Thank you everyone it's truly a great feeling..."
- CH
"This was a special time for me of renewal, refreshing, and rejuvenation!!!!"
- PW
"Meditation Weekend XIV was spiritual and beautiful . The love that was shared will always live in my heart. #Magical"
- PW