Monday, January 24, 2022


“Aloha, Aloha...Spirit knocked it out of the park this about a grand slam!...all the spiritual bases were brought home with the sun and moon against the waters and sky and wind (my friend)! So blessed to be a part and a witness…I wanted to take a screen shot but could not really truly was a promise and a covenant experience”

- AA

“How amazing is that!! Our 11 O'clock in sync with the Sunrise in Hawaii!! Won't he do it!! Thank you Zak!!…It's a God thang!! Thank you Universe!! I need your power to rub off onto me Bish!! I believe you can make ANYTHING happen!!”

- RH  

“Omg!! This is EVERYTHING, Bishop! What a beautiful vibe!…” 

- DS   

“So glad (we) could be there and experience this!! It was amazing!! Thank you!! So grateful for you Bish!! Thank you Zak for the amazing visual!! It was spectacular!! I wanna go to Hawaii now more than ever!! Really needed the good vibes today!!” 

- RH   

“I was blown away just listening to it over the phone…” 

- BBY  

“Magical!!!! Thanks Jim Swilley!!!!” 

- PW  

“Bishop, the Meditation XIII Part 2 this morning was AWEsome! You are such a blessing to lead us in these amazing experiences. I'm thrilled that I was able to connect with you, our Metron family and the sand, sea and sun in Hawaii! Please express my utmost thanks to Zach for helping us get there!” 

- RDS  

“soooooo cool!…That view is everything!!!…You can feel it!!!” 

- BJB 

“Absolutely awesome…surreal” 



- AA

“I told you bishop you are always on time” 

- CH

“We have no limits!!!!” 

- BB


- HT

“This was ordained” 

- RK

“The night and the morning is the first day.  Or a new day. Thanks Zak for allowing us to experience a new day. Thanks Bishop for the manifestation of restoration!” 

- FF

“Astral Projection is a great new level for this group….no apologies needed.” 

- KB

”There really is nothing that the Metron community can't do” 


“…This was my first time doing anything like this…It was INCREDIBLE.” 

- CA

“This was exactly what I needed! I have been running full steam ahead this week and especially today!  This slowed me down and put my mind back in a good place…”


"I have been trying to find the words to communicate how Sunday changed my life, yet again..."

Friday, December 17, 2021


"Fabulous...Fabulous time at the Metron 2021 Christmas party...Metron does it right!!!"
- BB
"Looks like you guys had a great event!"
Merry Christmas to my Metron!
"Great night and great pics. Thanks to you and your team for always doing it right!"
- KB
"Metron party was fun"
- DC