Sunday, May 2, 2021


"Thank you Bishop! On fire!! Yessss! Thank you"
- JH
"Being happy is a choice that we have to keep making! You My Love have opened the door, equipped us with the skills and are a constant reminder with your gentle voice, wisdom freely given. My strength is renewed and my my burden lightened. You have no idea how much You have changed my life and enlightened my path. I love you! Thank you, thank you, thank you...."
- AJ
"Awesome today. Really got a lot out of it."
- JS
"Amen! Fantastic message, great teaching..."
- CF
"The Wizard of Oz is on, I see it in a different perspective after listening to you today"
- RW
"...your talk this morning was profound and do a great Baby Jane impersonation!!"
- JC
"Yes!!!! Your words are life..."
- JT
"...It was awesome to see you live again..."

"In urgent care for asthma.  I forget how funny you can be so I had to turn down the volume and watch to keep from laughing and getting worse. Finally, I went to a place on the beach with the energy circle and heard you say "Breathe." I am stabilizing and will go back and listen to the whole message later. I know I was meant to have you in my life because you bring me joy and peace even in the midst of an asthma attack.  I can hear you say "breathe" and I begin to stabilize and breathe. Ken hit the nail on the head, you are more than worth the drive. Thank you for being you.  Peace to Ken.  He is the best."

- BB

Monday, April 26, 2021

MEDITATION WEEKEND X - Jekyll Island - 4/24-25/21

"Meditation weekend was everything I needed and more!..."

- CC

“This past weekend I participated in a meditation weekend on the beach. Wow, so hard to describe what I felt. It was so powerful and moving and I felt things that I have never felt before. Surrounded by so much love, support, and acceptance. Amazing. Thanks to all who went and for Jim Swilley for the amazing idea and support!” 


“Thank God for an amazing, refreshing meditation weekend with the Metron Family @ Jekyll Island!  Thanks Bishop Swilley for leading us to these green pastures to feast & be revived!  Glory!”

- LY 

"As Kendall and I spoke about this weekend, the first thing that stood out to him was the love. He said he has never seen such freedom and sense of oneness among such a diverse group of people.  And he has already taken the Saturday off in August and started planning our next trip with our Metron family. You all are the best of the best!" 

- SG

“It was so nice meeting everyone. Thanks for being my soul’s safe place of peace. Can’t wait to see you in August!” 

- PW

“…Thanks everyone for welcoming me so warmly at the meditation retreat. What an incredible group of lovely, diverse, intentional people…” 

- HB

"I am having a hard time putting into words how much this weekend meditation retreat has affected me. I was able to spend some quality time with my bestie while meeting people face to face for the first time that I have only known through social media. But from the moment we hit Jekyll Island, the energy was incredible.

We gathered for a sunset meditation on Saturday and a sunrise meditation on Sunday. The energy, the connection, the pure LOVE that flowed among all of us there was amazing. Until this weekend, I did not realize how much this pandemic had taken from me, and from everyone else there as well. My soul and spirit feel RESET, as one of the other attendees expressed. I am so thankful for this moment in time to connect with fellow humans and to reconnect with the Universe.."

“Mother nature showed out for us so much over the weekend, I'm still processing it all. I truly believe that the primordial forest, deer, moon, waves, healing circle, weather opening up, salt air and all the good people vibes have somehow "upped" my vibrational level. I have this bird, I named Harold, following me around my yard. I don't have many pictures and I didn't get to visit much (hungry kids were waiting) but it was a magical weekend! Ya'll, I swear, those geese dipped down in salute!! Thanks Jim Swilley!!”