Sunday, October 30, 2016

TODAY AT METRON - 10/30/16

 "Wow... Wow... Wow... What a manifestation of the word... So much to soak in...Loved it! Doug needs to come back...! "
"Great day today. Look forward to watching again. So much agreement! Thank you both for being who you were created to be.  <3"
"Wonderful word and presence today!"
- CW
"Such an amazing day! Kept thinking of that thing you say about reminding us of things we heard in the beginning. These words seemed like that. Some things we knew and lost sight of. Why would we want to keep walking around with Moses in the wilderness making up arbitrary laws that no one can keep when we can walk with God, as gods, co-creating with him the True Promised Land of Love here and now."
"I am blown away at the edible gold nuggets wow.! 
Revelation...Revelation...Revelation!! Woooo hooooo!!!!"
- RP
"Today was awesome..."

Sunday, October 23, 2016

TODAY AT METRON - 10/23/16

"Today wasssss awesomeeeeee!!"
- HA
"Another FANTASTIC Sunday morning!!!
- JL
"...service was absolutely great today..."
- FC
"Magnificent Word..."
"My mantra every Sunday...Today was the best. I do love this series....So great!"
- FM
"Fabulous message! More keys! Everything will bless me! 
If it doesn't bless me, it isn't finished yet! 
"Awesome teaching"
- FM