Sunday, October 2, 2016


"'Recognizing the Keys of Your Kingdom: Unlocking Your True Self and Living the Liberated Life'!!! Awesome Bishop You are awesome just as you are!!!"
- PW
 "Loved Jonah's old school vibe. Great job!"
"He did a fantastic job."
- HA
 "I think you have been listening in on (our) conversations."
- BC
"Yes. Yes. Yes."
- YR
"Great word pastor. Thank you"
- SM
"Today was really great! I loved the idea that what made David great, was he knew how to be himself. And the thought that we cannot do things someone else's way and it really work well for us. Perhaps it wasn't just the creation of humanity that made God say it was good, but our individuality."
"This was awesome! Actually confirmed a word I just got last night! Loved this!"
- ML
"Thank you!! I'm in Mississippi now and I miss you !"
- SH
"I'm in LA. Can't wait to get back and hear this series!"
- CC
 "Gotta watch the tape this week. But I can't wait!!! Knock em alive again!!!"
- JL in Houston
 "I know it was awesome...Glad I'm home. See ya next week."
- FM

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