Sunday, September 25, 2016


"This series has been so good that I don't like to see these kind end..'but" the next are always just as good. Thanks for keeping us enlightened with the "good stuff" and not ever just settling for the normal message.We never get just the normal food at Metron."
- FM
"Thank you for that word that was just for me... You answered some questions for me... 
Thank you"
"You nailed it again and again."
 "Loved the service... Paulette was a hoot & anointed... I always leave the service enlightened & uplifted!"
"Truly words of life AGAIN... Thank u! And thank u for the blessing at the end! I receive that!!! Xo"
- JL
"Bishop, thanks again for bringing great things to the table!"
"This whole month has spoken deeply to me. Really needed every word! 
I also appreciated the blessing at the end. It gave me focus for my week."

Monday, September 19, 2016


Click here for pics:
8/14 - 9/16

8/14 - LifeSkills Foundation
10/14 - Pride Atlanta 
12/14 - Nspire Atlanta
2/15 - M.A.D.E
5/15 - Oligair Philostrat (feeding kids in Haiti)
6/15 - Bishop Flunder Birthday Gift 
7/15 - TFAM
8/15 - Food for Piedmont Park Homeless
11/15 - Rehobeth Fellowship 
2/16 - Flint Michigan Water Crisis 
4/16 - CARE
6/16 - Jon Scott Ministries 
8/16 - Bill Eure Memorial Fund (Virginia-Highland Church)
9/16 - American Red Cross (Louisiana Flooding Crisis)
10/16 - +Alzheimer's Association 

"Thank you for all that you do in our community! Metron ROCKS!"
- M.A.D.E.

Cheryl Ford   Metron at Landmark's Midtown Art Cinema is the gift that keeps on giving-- Salt, LIGHT, & Life to the world: Revelation giving birth to Universal Evolution & REVOLUTION !!!   METRON: come see what its all about at a "theater near YOU"

Sunday, September 18, 2016


This is the place to be!!!
- WS 
"Thank you, Bish <3
Today was awesome...
definitely what I needed"
- EH
"Love this series"
"Enjoying this journey"
- FM

Friday, September 16, 2016


"Just when I think you've outdone yourself, you present a new series that surpasses your last. It's always a continual feast at your house, with fresh, savory delicacies that satisfy cravings for truth. Loved the last two messages. 
Really, really good!"
- DS

"I absolutely loved your message Sunday. Whatever we call something, so shall it be.
I have thought about it over the past days."
- FM

 "That has changed the way I see myself. I had never realized the bible said that until you pointed it out and I have read it through and through dozens of times."
- DC

"Excellent word Sunday! Much you have said before, but the total emphasis, 
and understanding that everything becomes to Spirit, what we call it. 
That makes me want re-examine much going forward."

 "WOW!!! Loved it!"
- DC

Sunday, September 11, 2016


"Wow... What a refreshing word this morning. So glad you went back & touched on the scriptures in Genesis. I'm glad our mindsets have been changed & to know that whatever we speak we create...our destiny is ours to write our happy ending... Loved it! <3 
peace and blessings!"
"I love the word you bring Bishop"
- RS
"Creative Energy Flow: Manifesting the Attractive Life!!!! Awesome word... Everything is working for my good...I am blessed beyond measure 

<3 <3 <3 <3"

- PW
"You betta preach!"

"...What a FABULOUS way to begin our week!..."
"It's a beautiful day. Seeing some friends haven't seen a while in 
service. The wonderful Paulette Washington doing praise and 
worship this month. Then the NOW word from Bishop Jim Swilley."
"I love my Bishop.. Awesome!!"
- HA
"Today was an awesome word. Sound and tone create the 
pathway for frequencies to manifest a great life. Jim Swilley 
always brings a word to encourage, motivate and help us see the 
good side of life."
- FM
"POWERFUL WORD today! Amen and 
amen!!!! Willed action!"
- JL
"You rocked!"
- HA
"What an awesome word"

Sunday, September 4, 2016


"Today was fabulous! Paulette Washington is always amazing. The more she apologized for allergies inhibiting her ability to sing like she wanted, the stronger she sang, and pulled out the stops. She sang old school worship songs, something I don't always relate to anymore, but her spirit, and honesty have a way of making me feel it on a new level. As for the message, you never teetered near blasphemy for me, you spoke only truth. I am more inspired than ever to create the life I've dreamed of. God has blessed me, and kept me to hear these words, that are changing my future I know."
"It was an awesome always is. 
We expect it to be and we get one."
"...I really appreciate the word today...there were a couple things that confirmed to me what was already in line with what I was saying to God...He confirmed it to me...Last but not least, I'm excited bout you and your happiness. Much prosperity to you and thank you my future pastor"
- KW
"I love that Paulette."
- FM

"...The vid will be available as soon as BJ can get it off the camera and ready. If you follow "bishinthenow" on YouTube, you'll get a notification when it's posted...We use Google Hangouts--we knew they were supposed to switch streaming services on the 12th to a YouTube direct service, but all signs this morning indicated they've already begun the switch. Many apologies! And thanks for everyone's patience."