Sunday, March 31, 2019


"Great service and yummy birthday celebration of one amazing Bishop...
HaPpY BiRthDay, Jim Swilley!"
"...Great finish up to this series..."
- BB

Sunday, March 24, 2019


"...We are grateful for all you do to make these events possible..."
"...This day was sooooo wonderful! I was like a sponge, soaking up all of the goodness.
Thank you so much for planning this...."




- YR 
"Meditation weekend at Stone Mountain with Jim Swilley and the Metron 
church family was very needed."
- SK
"That's a big circle! Awesomeness!"
- EJ
"Wow..what a gorgeous sight! Circle of Love! And that sky..Sheeewww!"
- DS
"Awesome weekend meditation"
- JM
“...very grateful for all you invest in bringing us to wholeness and oneness…
“...awesome weekend...Love all of you... And thank you again Bishop…
"It was an amazing experience.
- BB
"Thanks Bishop for another amazing meditation weekend and introducing me to a new part of Stone Mountain."
- PW
"I love us...We are so awesome"
- JM


SUNRISE - 3/24

We just completed our 5th Meditation Weekend, our first local one, and it totally exceeded all spirit is very, very full right now, so while I'm still tapped in to this unusually high-vibrational frequency, I want to send some of this energy your way...there's nothing like actually being there in person, but if you weren't able to attend this time, then come up higher and meet me in a space that transcends physicality...I'll connect with you on that cosmic mountain top, that Mount of Transfiguration, if you will, and impart what I have to you...

Are you ready to receive?

All right, I open my arms, my mind, and my heart in the spirit dimension to you, and I breathe on you as Jesus breathed on His disciples, as I send you energetic words of life...receive life...receive health...receive joy...receive laughter...receive strength...receive abundance...receive wholeness...receive vigor...receive renewed strength...receive peace...receive reconciliation...receive emotional support...receive new thoughts...receive better thoughts...receive a better reality...receive the manifestation of your intentions...receive the desires of your heart...receive the fulfillment of all your prophecies...receive a better now...

In the last few hours (last night at sunset, this morning at sunrise), we have stretched, we have meditated, we have contemplated nature, we have released prayer intentions, we've spoken affirmations, we've sent healing energy, we've done a gratitude walk, we've practiced T'ai chi, we've discussed chakras with a reiki practitioner, we've discussed the benefits of acupuncture with a chiropractic healer, we've laughed, we've danced, we've shared good news, we've joined hands in agreement, we've listened to high-vibrational music, we've felt the Presence of Spirit, and we even picked up trash on the beach as good stewards of planet earth...and now I send all of that energy, from each of those facets of spirituality, to you, to your family, to your household, and to everything that you are, including every cell of your physical body...

It's been a completely holistic experience...we call them "Meditation Weekends", but they're really much more than that (the next one is on Saint Simons Island, Georgia in May)...I'll be posting more pics of the event later in the day, but in the meantime, I believe that you deeply connect with everything I'm sending your way today!

All of it...

Can you feel it?

Have the best Sunday ever!
"No words for the newest level..."
- PB

Sunday, March 17, 2019


"Thank you for a great message among many, bishop...always good seeing everyone and being here. Happy Saint Patrick's Day!...and every good Irish blessing be upon thee!"
"Thank you Jim Swilley for clearing up things in the Bible concerning women. You are one of a kind. Most ministers would not go there fearing lightning would strike them. That's why I sit in your group of followers. You ain’t scared."
- FM
"Bish ain't scurred...."
- EJ
- SK
"It’s a bright sun shining day. The presence of the of Lord is here. Pastor Judah Swilley leading us in praise and worship. Bishop Jim Swilley to deliver the NOW word for today."
"Today is a super day and I am so thankful for being back at Metron. One week felt like a month."
- FM
"Today was awesome. I find myself spreading this word all over...At work...With Friends..."

Friday, March 15, 2019

DAY BY DAY: Celebrating 300 Meditations

#JESmeditations - In celebration of the 300th 'Day by Day' Meditation which will be posted this weekend (Saturday morning), I wanted to re-share some of my favorite encouraging comments from the last several months...thank you so much for connecting with me here every day, and for all of your supportive words, and for sharing the meditations on your own pages! I really appreciate it, and I love you all!