Sunday, June 26, 2016


"Bishop Jim Swilley it was amazing to see you and hear your voice today. As usual you are so ahead of your time. I felt so much freedom there today. I guess I'm in your flow..."
- RH
"POWER!FUL! message this morning!! Whoa!! And it is SO true - in the building is just SO much more than streaming. I need to come back more often..."
- JL
"Thanks Bishop, today's Metron was a refreshing dip into a cool spring..."
- ES
"What an awesome word today!!!!"

Monday, June 20, 2016


"Bishop... What a special Fathers Day... Always enjoy having your Dad here & speak from his heart... He's has such a sweet spirit... Jonah was amazing as usual... What a special gift to have him sing one of your songs...Peace & Blessings!"
"Your dad was so uplifting and we loved hearing him talk about life. Such a role model."
"I was quietly streaming the service in corner of my sister's hospital room. She had been in a lot of pain all morning, but when Jonah started to sing your song it lifted. Love it!"
"Hearing your dad speak today was delightful. He is such a sweet man."
- FM
"Jonah Swilley ... your cover of "Be Still" ... wow!"

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


"Sunday was amazing!!! I love the talk show format. I can totally see you hosting a web Chanel where you bring in like-minded people and enlighten the world. Oh wait, you are doing that NOW! Go Metron..."

"Yesterday was the kind of day that makes me thankful for what we hear at Metron each week. It just went to the next level and the vibrations keep getting stronger and stronger."

"...Big shout out to Jim Swilley and the Metron Community. Thank you for being so giving and being so open to receive. You have something very special..."

"There are no words,
no box,
no envelope,
no level,
no limits!"

"I love Metron!"

Sunday, June 12, 2016


"OMG! OMG! OMG! What a presence of the Spirit...WOW!!!"
"Amazing word from Bishop Jim Swilley and Jon Scott!"
"It was more than real good. The word for today is just WOW!”
"Such a powerful word this morning! I took notes here as I often do. I retain more it seems, when I get key points written down. Perception is an interesting subject with me returning home. Even how the way our family perceives us can affect our own view. Almost like we forgot who we are. It's a mental and spiritual exercise to keep the vision clear, not muddled by the past.”
"I don't know why when tragedy falls upon us, I need to hear your voice. I remember 9-11 so clearly when we received the call to come to church. My sadness for Orlando/Americans/ LGBT and the deadliest massacre in American history has me yearning to hear God's voice and pray. I can't quit weeping and feeling the pain for the ripples of people who woke up absolutely devastated. May God bring us all together in spirit and in truth. #lovewins

"Such a great Service and Message today. So full of energy and the Holy Spirit. Perception and 

Enlightenment. Doctor Martin summed it up perfectly in one Word. WOW! Love my METRON family!"
"Enjoyed hearing JONAH play today. Great having Pastor Jon down again...have greatly enjoyed and been blessed by you both in this series. Thank you!"