Sunday, November 6, 2022


Hey Bishop…I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your great message today. I needed to be reminded of giving gratitude and your message motivated. Thank You! PS. Johnny is amazing! We must have him back!” 

- MC 

“Great Sunday, great word at @metroncommunity…@jimswilley with our special musical guest cellist...” 

- CC

“…the METRON Service was wonderful today.” 

- BM

“Amazing playing! So glad that I could be there to listen. Thank you Jim Swilley for making it such a memorable first time visit to Landmark!” 

- MH

“We very much enjoyed worshipping with you virtually your musical guest was great!!” 

- JC

“He was truly a blessing this morning” 


“Amazing…looking forward to hearing more of his music.”

“Johnny was amazing today!!!!! Thank you for finding him bish!!!!” 

- BB

“Music is a Feeling. I Feel Cradled”

 - LB

“Awesome! I love his energy!!!!…There is so much energy and power in this music!!…Wow, Johnny...feeling this!!” 


“Jim, thank you again for the message today! We are grateful for you and are honored to be a part of METRON. You are a blessing to us! Thank you again for the communion over lunch. We love you!” 

"Enjoyed him and the message!
- KB
"Johnny was amazing and you had another good word for me, Bishop Jim Swilley!..."