Sunday, June 28, 2015


"I watched the service today as I typically do. I don't know what it was, but, like you said, "You changed the energy" in the room today. There was a like a harmony the turned into unison with the energy and it seem to be the most electrifying service at METRON that I've experienced and watched. Just wanted to reach out like I would if I were there and let you know it. Have a wonderful week."
- RN

"Today at Metron Service. What a great word to start an outstanding week.
Thanks, Jim so powerful!"

"Bishop, the message today was so profound and insightful, full of grace, wisdom & prophecy! "In my Father's house are many rooms", really cut through the streaming computer with the anointing! Thank you for your persistence in teaching us even in this climate of change! We love you so much!"
- LY

"Awesome message Bish ! Can't wait to share ... A great perspective!"

"Today was awesome..I don't know when I have felt the energy in a place as good...

...It's always good but today it was like everyone was connecting into the energy you were sending out with your message."
- FM

"I was watching! I was in tears while listening. I felt the Spirit! During the time you mentioned my situation, and before that too...when you had a word of prophesy and you looked directly into the camera, it felt like you were talking directly to me! I have been feeling pretty low lately...including yesterday, but now I feel uplifted and encouraged! You and Ken's energy is uplifting! I can't thank you both enough!"
- PD

"Today's message was intense. Life altering. I'm undone..crying the 'ugly' cry. I finished watching over 20 minutes ago..and I can't seem to gather myself from the emotional effects of your word this morning. You never fail to deliver a powerful insight, but there are these magical moments when it's so obvious that you have just stepped over onto holy ground. I just want to thank you for taking us IN today."


"Bishop, this is what I heard today. My Father's house has many rooms (options, choices, possibilities, etc.). In other words, (as you've said many times), I put before you a buffet, you get to choose what items you want or don't want....Great Word!"

Sunday, June 21, 2015


"Wow ... What a beautiful day at Metron....These are my favorite times when the family is ITB...It's always a Joy to see your Dad & hear him speak...not only does he look great he is hilarious...what a blessings to have all 4 of your kids & grandkids there to celebrate you.... Loved Judah's spirit of worship... Thanks for sharing them with us... You are Blessed.... Happy Fathers Day"
"Happy Fathers Day to you and Ken ! 
Well .... As usual you put it out there for me... Wow did I need those words today ! 
I'm renewed and refocused ... I can do it ! 
Thanks Bish ! You da man !!!"
"I asked  JH what he wanted to do for Father's Day. He picked going to church at Metron. You can see why. 
We get to hang out with our spiritual family and hear Sammy Blue & Jojo Bongos Bailey do their blues thang."

Sunday, June 14, 2015


"...Sammy threw down today!"
 "If that guy is not a Mississippian we now officially make him an honorary citizen. Good music!"
- DC (Streamer from Mississippi)
    "On Earth as it is in Heaven: Changing Reality through the   Power of the Kingdom of God... Part 2...God gives you the  POWER to create your life!!!!!!! Awesome word 
Love it!!"

Thursday, June 11, 2015


"There is talk that is like stabbings of a sword, Yet the tongue of the wise is healing." (Proverbs 12:18 - CLV)

In Part I we discussed the word "spell", and how it possibly has a dual meaning as in "Let me SPELL it out for you" and "The witch cast a SPELL on him..."...words create reality, which may be why we call the composition of letters to form an idea "spelling"...words spoken into the heart of an individual by another person, especially by a person with whom that individual has an emotional bond or connection definitely creates some dimension of reality in and for that person...we also discussed the word "INCANTATION", which is simply defined as a series of words used to make something magic happen, or a use of SPELLS or verbal charms spoken or sung as a part of a ritual of this context it is possible to believe that some people are living under the "SPELL" of someone else's "INCANTATION" over them, and are possibly living out the illusion of someone else's reality...

Life as hypnosis...the power of suggestion...

In a previous post we talked about the phrase “Abracadabra”, which may derive from an Aramaic phrase meaning “I create as I speak”...

This etymology is rather dubious, however, as אברא כדברא in Aramaic is more reasonably translated "I create like the word"... the second lexeme* in this supposedly Aramaic phrase must be a noun given the presence of the definite article on the end of the word (it cannot be an infinitive construct, as the infinitive cannot take the definite article)...

Regardless, this phrase would actually be pronounced "ebra kidbara", which is clearly different from abracadabra...however, Semitic languages like Aramiac are not always hard and fast with the assignment of vowels, and abracadabra is similar enough to ebra kidebra, given the tendency of vowels to shift...

In the Hebrew language, the phrase translates more accurately as "it came to pass as it was spoken"...

In Genesis we see that the Elohim (literally translated "the gods", plural) spoke the Universe into existence...later in Genesis, as Abraham developed and promoted the idea of monotheism, we begin to see "God" referred to less and less as "them", and almost completely as "Him"...we see the concept used again when David said, "You have made them (people) a little lower than the Elohim (translated into English as "angels")...but in the opening verses of the Bible, it is clearly "them", as in "Let US create people in OUR image" the Khaboris Manuscript (Aramaic), Jesus refers to God as "Alaha" , which is a derivative of Elohim (also spelled Alueim)...Muslims use the very same word as "Allah"...(everything is connected to everything)...

The bottom line of all this as it relates to "SPELLS", is that on some level we are continuing to create ourselves and even one another by the words we speak to ourselves, and to those with whom we have relationship...

In any case, the language that we use to communicate with one another is very much like a knife, which is why the above Proverb which references "talk that is like stabbings of a sword" deeply resonates with the hands of a skilled and careful surgeon, the sharp blade of a knife can work to do great good, and can even save lives...but that very same sharp knife in the hands of an ignorant or careless person can be used to do great harm, and can even become a murder weapon..."Death AND life are in the power of the tongue", and there are people all over this world who are being repeatedly or constantly "stabbed" in their souls by words that were spoken over them in their youth, or during a time of great vulnerability...

Mother Teresa said that kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are endless...that's exactly what a "SPELL" is...a word or phrase that continues to echo in the mind of the hearer, and we know that Paul said that "faith comes by hearing"...whatever you continue to hear inside your own head ultimately becomes the source of what you believe...

"A healing tongue is a tree of life, Yet words of subversion in it are a breaking of the spirit."
(Proverbs 15:4 - CLV) have the power over your own life, over your own thoughts, to believe what you want to believe about yourself...the TREE OF LIFE in your own healing tongue can and will overpower every judgment that has been pronounced over you through the paradigm of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil...if words or INCANTATIONS of subversion have broken your spirit, you can save yourself by simply knowing and speaking the truth about yourself that makes you free...


"But no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment you shall show to be in the wrong." (Isaiah 54:17 - AMP)

*Lexeme: a basic lexical unit of a language, consisting of one word or several words, considered as an abstract unit, and applied to a family of words related by form or meaning.

Sunday, June 7, 2015


"Awesome word... I receive ALL of it...don't know why it's hard for people to understand the kingdom message... 
It sets you free"
- DPM 
"We had the best day today...Great words of encouragement..."