Sunday, June 21, 2015


"Wow ... What a beautiful day at Metron....These are my favorite times when the family is ITB...It's always a Joy to see your Dad & hear him speak...not only does he look great he is hilarious...what a blessings to have all 4 of your kids & grandkids there to celebrate you.... Loved Judah's spirit of worship... Thanks for sharing them with us... You are Blessed.... Happy Fathers Day"
"Happy Fathers Day to you and Ken ! 
Well .... As usual you put it out there for me... Wow did I need those words today ! 
I'm renewed and refocused ... I can do it ! 
Thanks Bish ! You da man !!!"
"I asked  JH what he wanted to do for Father's Day. He picked going to church at Metron. You can see why. 
We get to hang out with our spiritual family and hear Sammy Blue & Jojo Bongos Bailey do their blues thang."


  1. The METRON experience: Bringing Salt & Light to the world, one teaching at a time, reaching out to all those who have an ear to HEAR what the Spirit of the Universe is saying in the here and now ! Opening minds, expanding hearts, shattering myths, breaking strongholds ! What then shall WE SAY unto all these things? BECAUSE GOD / The Universe is FOR US (you & me), then who shall dare rise up in opposition to the TRUTH of who we are and succeed ! Regardless of what is said and done by others, GOD & I make the majority ! For we continuously overcome through the blood of the Lamb & by the Faith-filled, expansions of TRUTH & Words of OUR TESTIMONY !!! --- C. FORD