Sunday, March 31, 2024


"That was resurrecting!"
- EN
"What a great service today!! We love you!"
- MH
"Loved the service  this morning Bishop. Great  Resurrection message..."
"Such a significant message this morning. The price of Love."
"Wyn Skyy was amazing this morning 🙌 🙌"
- CH
"...Today was Special. I Loved Wyn’s Boulevard of Dreams. Your Message of Jesus taking up His cross & Me taking up mine was Liberating..."
- LB
"...Today was great, and it was wonderful to see was divinely soul and spirit are so full. You have no idea how my steps were ordered to be there today. Thank you for always being that voice in my life."
- LH
“Wyn was so good! It was good to hear him again. His music was so timely. The one he wrote about the dreamer was so good. ‘Here Comes the Sun’; and that last one which I think was a Keith Green song. I haven't heard either in so long. Perfect!”
- BR

"Rabbi, if that was indeed your last Easter message (who knows, right?), you went out with a BANG! I am no longer going to look for the living among the dead, because I know LOVE is ALIVE!"
- JT

Sunday, March 24, 2024


"On fire again, Bish...The word today was everything!"
- BB
"I got to hear you and see you and all the other beautiful souls today. It made my heart sing hearing your voice and your laugh. As always, your words of life bring much understanding about Scripture. Thank you for sharing how Israel and the words in the Bible are connected these days. My take away today is when you said The actual Word of God does not separate us. I really love that because it is so true and I will put a comma there, Love you Bish Jim. Shalom from Colorado"
- AW
“Loved your message today…and this whole series…
“I listened in today. Good to hear so much laughter. That's what it sounds like when people get free.”
- DP

Sunday, March 17, 2024


  "...Church was out of this world, this morning! Thank you, Jim Swilley"

- CH

"Good Crowd, Good words, Good a drink of fresh water."

- ES

"The words that you have spoken to us are life, and help us find rest for our souls. Thank you!"

- KC

"The word was EVERYTHING today...."

- BB

"This morning was 🙌 🙌 🩷"
- CH

Monday, March 11, 2024


"You are...awesome! Ever since 1998, I have seen you as a wise gentleman. Today, you did it again. You are a gentle man."
- RF
"Awesome Word today..."
- BB


Sunday, March 3, 2024


"Bishop Jim Swilley you always bring it but today, woooo lawwwd! You have been on fire lately and today was a 5 alarm! I felt this so much!"
- EJ
"I am loving this series already..."
- BB

"Rabbi, I tried to listen to your teaching from yesterday while I was working on a dull work task, but I kept having to stop and take notes! So much manna falling from the sky that I HAD to consume it right then and there! I am an epistle, a greeting, a LOVE LETTER"
- JT