Monday, April 29, 2024


"The meditation weekends are always so special and miraculous"
- JJ
"My Lord! There was so much prophecy and goodness spread with our Metron family this past weekend on Saint Simons Island! God bless us all!"
"...sending love and appreciation to you all for a wonderful spirit and soul are refreshed! Thank you, thank you, thank you..."
- JT
"It was a great weekend! So enjoyed meeting all the Meditation group I don't get to see the rest of the time. Sweet spirit during the entire time."
"I just wanted to thank you all for such a warm welcome! You all are such a beautiful group and the energy shared was amazing… I can’t wait to see you all again!"
- TC
"Another perfect Meditation Weekend! I feel full, and can make it until the next one!"
"This weekend meditation gathering at St. Simons Island was EVERYTHING! Now I have been refreshed, reset and regrouped! It's always new beginnings after you leave this beautiful family. Can't wait to see all of you again..."
- CH
"I followed my heart to St. Simon’s and I tapped into abundance on steroids!"
- TC
"All these wonderful people! It was magic!..."
- BR
"Wonderful weekend, and always just the right timing. Some of the most amazing people from all walks of life, coming together for the same, restoration and peace. The energy and passion given from each is just astounding. I, for one, always have a unique experience each time, meeting a need in my life...I can't say enough about Jim Swilley for the dedication and perseverance you put into these. So much gratitude and appreciation! Thank you so much for being there for everyone and being the spiritual mentor we all need."
- JT
“Yesterday was magical…my two kings are so precious!! Metron family, you guys are true superstars in my eyes…”
- CH
"Meditation Weekend XXII was amazing just like all of the other weekends I've attended. Each one has its own feel and recharges my spiritual battery....I put it out into the universe before arriving to Meditation Weekend that I would go with the flow and not worry about anything going on back home or stress over anything I'd perceive as negative while on the trip. When I did that, EVERYTHING was so easy and fell into place. Everything was so easy and things that don't normally happen for me happened. I embraced the positive and the positive embraced me. I will do better going forward with embracing change and influencing the positive in my life. I had a wonderful time with everyone. Thanks all. You are my family and I love you..."
- EJ

Sunday, April 21, 2024


"What a BREATH of Life your message was this morning, Bishop! This I know with 100% certainty: I never would’ve made it through the last 12 years of my life without the sound of your voice and the revelation that flows from your soul!"
- DS
"I needed every single word of this today! Thank you Bish!!!!"
- BB
"I absolutely LOVED your message today!And at the close, after breathing and it was just quiet, there was such an incredible feeling of peace…I literally felt it while sitting in my living room…Looking forward to experiencing that and more in person this week and especially next weekend!"
- TC

Sunday, April 14, 2024


"Hey Bish! Thanks for the great series! Awesome, awesome."
- KC
"Today was very powerful! It was exactly what us grown folks needed!"
- BB

Sunday, April 7, 2024


 "Enlightening insights today!"

- KB

"Amazing word today..."

- EN

"...Church was amazing...I loved every second of don't even know!"

- CH

"OMG! I was watching online. This was one of those times, 'it was as though you were in my bedchamber'..."


"You are in touch with the Divine. I had a serious trigger this week...your message showed me how to thoroughly deal with it. Thank you."
- RF
"...Your Gifts Are Mighty."
- LB