Sunday, October 4, 2020


 “Today was a huge blessing to us. Everything was so timely and important to hear. Thank you!! Also, being outside with everyone was truly therapeutic!!!”

- DB 

“Always illuminating that which the Holy Spirit has spoke to me. Love you Bishop....

- JG

“Such a Spiritual connection that I can pick up in Spirit where we left off years ago. Always feel much better after hearing your word than I did before hearing it. Blessings to you, Ken and family. Enjoy your travels with your beautiful Grandchildren.”
- CT

“Loved the insights”
- DH

“Great insight between the trees today! When your are looking outside of time, timing is everything!”
- KB

“Confirmation after confirmation!! Thank you Bishop!!”

“You said you had a word today and and you sure did deliver!!! As always!!!”

- RM

“Amen!!!! Bishop you are all in my Business!!!!!!!! Yesssss! Amen!”
- OD 

“Bishop, why are you in the conversation I had with my son on this same topic. Thank you for the confirmation!”

- SS 

“Such confirmation for me today. Even with the dates from the fridge. I was going through my mom’s fridge yesterday looking at all the ‘best if used by’ dates. Good Word today, and yes I remember all your house miracles! Amazing! Gives me hope for my own miracle!”

- ML 

“I agree with you 100%”

- AR 

“… I so needed this word right now Bishop!! I will get that job and it will be something I enjoy doing!! I AM QUALIFIED!! #timeandchance

- RH 

“Metron Marathon! I'm down!”

- EJ

“Man, I needed to hear this today, Bish.”

- GH 

“Keep preaching I need it”

- CH 

“Confirmation from my prayer this week!!!!!! Thanks Bishop!!!! Amen!!!”

- OD

"Great teaching today...really enjoyed it. Have a fabulous trip with your granddaughters!"

- JK

"Good word..."
- MBC 

"Great word this morning! Just what I needed! #refreshing #blessings"
- WF

"Today's word had so much confirmation for me in what I have going on in my life right now...Thanks Bish..."-BJB
"You were ON today"- KW