Sunday, February 25, 2018


"Bish... you did that today!"
- BB
"SO great! Have enjoyed the last two weeks....Thank you for always having the on-time word!
Mad love for you too! Hugs!"
- LD
"Oh my...the thing you said about dusting the dresser was the 3rd piece of confirmation of something God was already speaking to me. Also confirmed a dream I had last night and Judah actually sang something that also confirmed a piece of that dream! about flow and definitely once again you’re definitely my pastor in every sense, and never question (which I know you know this) when you think you get off track or why did I say that today?? I needed to hear the word Dust and you said it!!"
- ML
"Refreshing’s good to vent once in awhile. It brings the human side out that everyone can relate to!"
- DM
"Great finish to an inspiring series. Responsibility is your “response-ability”."
- JJ
"Another key the beginning was Willed Action. Love it! Open yourself to the Power of Willed Action! Is that cool or what?! Never succumb to the powerlessness of the couch!"
- PC
"Wish I could be there!! If you're in the Atlanta area, go!"
- EJ
" was awesome!"
- CW

Sunday, February 18, 2018


"I truly have loved this series..."
- BB
"Great word today...Even though we are still a work in progress...
Judah summed it up with the song “It is well with my Soul! Peace & Blessings"
- DM

Sunday, February 11, 2018


 "Loving the vibrations of today!
- FM
"Good stuff today!
"Yay!!! Got to stream the whole service... so needed this today...Thanks for thinking of me...Great having Judah in the House and singing one of my favorites 'Imagine'...Glad Calvin was in the house...Wow...Deep calls unto Deep... a lot to absorb & meditate on...going to the next level...Great word!"

"Bishop, Thank you of using your gifts. He was correct, I was not going to speak up! Thank you for directing him to me. I really needed those words. I love you!”
- SB
“…I am in Ohio. Just finished streaming. Excellent service. Tell Calvin I am living out the words he spoke over me last time. Love you <3”
- CA
“Great flow today! You’ve spoken about Jesus in the wilderness & entering 7th Day Rest so much that Calvin saw us in it!”
- PC
"Every Sunday is a great day at Metron but today was so great. Everyone’s vibration was high...Love those kind of days..."
- FM
"Great service... Great Vibes"
- DM
" was great!"
- JW
"...It’s always a pleasure being with the 

incomparable Bishop Jim and Pastor Judah!! 

Ken You’re a gentleman as always! Thank you with all sincerity!"

- Prophet Calvin Witcher
"Today was incredible! Just incredible..."
- BB

Sunday, February 4, 2018


"Phenomenal series!"
- DS
" you Bish & Ken...let's take it to the next level!!"
- GR
"I LOOOOVVEEEED today! I call the present situation a blessing. So glad everyone else counsels with you...then you share and I get my direction too 🙂 And the meditation - I'm thinking I need an app or sound bite of that. It's easier than going back and finding each meditation. Maybe a Meditation for Your Metron- 52 of them we could download?"
"Today was so awesome. I’m glad I didn’t stay home because of weather conditions. 
I would have missed out on a special energy. Judah brought a high energy with him. Love that guy!"
- FM
"...Excellent message today, as usual. Thank you..."
- ES
"There was an awesome energy on it...Glad it is going to continue..."
- BB
"Forgot to check in today...message was worth my doing it anyway. 
Was happy to have been there ..."
- PC
"Thank you for today... It was a good word... I can't wait for next week..."
- KS
"I love this series..."