Sunday, February 25, 2018


"Bish... you did that today!"
- BB
"SO great! Have enjoyed the last two weeks....Thank you for always having the on-time word!
Mad love for you too! Hugs!"
- LD
"Oh my...the thing you said about dusting the dresser was the 3rd piece of confirmation of something God was already speaking to me. Also confirmed a dream I had last night and Judah actually sang something that also confirmed a piece of that dream! about flow and definitely once again you’re definitely my pastor in every sense, and never question (which I know you know this) when you think you get off track or why did I say that today?? I needed to hear the word Dust and you said it!!"
- ML
"Refreshing’s good to vent once in awhile. It brings the human side out that everyone can relate to!"
- DM
"Great finish to an inspiring series. Responsibility is your “response-ability”."
- JJ
"Another key the beginning was Willed Action. Love it! Open yourself to the Power of Willed Action! Is that cool or what?! Never succumb to the powerlessness of the couch!"
- PC
"Wish I could be there!! If you're in the Atlanta area, go!"
- EJ
" was awesome!"
- CW

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