Sunday, July 30, 2017


"I have to say, I have spent my whole youth in church, and my whole young adulthood avoiding it. I thought I would never step foot in a church again, and I was right. Jim Swilley showed me a community of people that all wanted the same thing. To be pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that only worked together to create the beautiful picture we were all trying to imagine on our own, but needed each other's help to create it. Metron is what makes your week out right."
- CE
"This series has been special, with a sweetness added by Eddie William Sellers music. Today with the "Rainbow Connection", I thought of in the book of Revelation where it speaks of the rainbow that surrounds the throne. So cool since the LGBT community has been associated with the rainbow. My whole life growing up gay, for years in the church world we were programmed to see ourselves as damned, and going to hell, not possibly surrounding the throne. The song made me cry, because now, even my family who are all in Heaven know, when my life is over, I will join them.
 Through all the trauma and drama of my life, the healing process has been slow, but today I realized in a new way when Bishop Jim Swilley echoed the thought I read posted the other day. It said, "I can't heal you, but I can love you, and you can heal yourself." When we feel loved, and accepted as who we are, with all our history, we can begin to love ourselves, and heal ourselves, and with it help others do the same."

"Great gathering at Metron today, so much fun..."
- ES
"Today was so good. I needed everything that was given out today. Some singing, a bunch of laughter with motivation to live life free and intentionally every day. All I can say is..It gets better as time goes by..I came home with my energy tank filled again."
- FM
 "It's the highlight of my week."
- CE
- EN

Friday, July 28, 2017


A great message received this week from someone in the cyber-

"About Metron:

 In the past three years I've never missed 

*watching* a service. Not one. Each week I live 

in high anticipation as I'm waiting for the next 

one. Ha! Thanks for the continual feast of life-

giving manna."

- DS

Monday, July 24, 2017


“What a timely word…
"I, like many others at METRON, and in your life cannot articulate just how much you and your ministry means to me and my life. You are a bright, clear light in a sometimes confusing world. You're my Pastor and my spiritual father and have educated me on innumerable occasions and lit my understanding aflame. You have confirmed what I knew many, many times and it is my fervent desire for you to continue to do what you have done for me lo these many years… 
"Just have to be there to pick it up...

It's in the atmosphere...

Presence can't be caught on the web.
- FM
“…Going to Metron isn’t a check mark on my 

list of chores. 

Going to Metron is a check on my list of weekly 

goals of how to start my week off right.
- CE

Sunday, July 16, 2017


"Man this was a great day... a great word. 
It was truly divine that I was brought to this ministry!"
- BB
"Great message going on Bishop..."
- ES
"Motivational word today. Loved it."
- FM
"Such an enjoyable time at Metron this morning."
"The man you saw in the mirror so fit what Einstein said...partially here and partially in the future.
It made me have chills!"