Sunday, July 9, 2017


“ was confirmation.... I'm so in awe...Awesome word”
- PW
"Life as it should be. A beautiful place explained by a beautiful mind."
- GW
"Great message, great vessel."
- CE
"Eddie...When you sing, there is something about your voice that always speaks to my Spirit... Such a pureness... Thank you for 'The Prayer'
“Thank you for the words. A lot spoke to me but I put a definite star by your phrase, ‘you can’t go to the next level until you’re happy where you are now…until you reach the level that you’re okay with yourself.’ I really appreciate it all. Thank you!”
- KC
"Something very special started with Eddie William Sellers, music, and sharing. Then the message you shared from reminiscing about old school church coming to where we are now really hit me. The entire idea that we not only had the power all along to change our lives, but the thought that when we heal ourselves, we heal others is huge. I'm not quite a 180 from where I was, but getting there. Thank you!"
"Bishop... Thanks for reminding us that we are enough just the way we are & that everything we need we already have... Powerful message... Sometimes we just need to rehear it... Peace & Blessings!"
- DM
"Today was definitely next level. The energy was high and it was like you were as a seer.
On point as always!"
- FM
"Great word.. Just for me!"
- BB
 "Agreed on the word...I got several revelations"

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