Monday, September 25, 2023


"I love this series...I am truly feeling it, and passing it on to others."
- BB
"Had another amazing day at Metron Community. My soul was fed by an amazing NOW Word delivered by Bishop Jim Swilley."
- RK
"The way you explained this word was tactile...I could literally see and feel how our intentions weave together with the flow of the Spirit, creating our lives and reality. I'm still chewing on this one."
- BR
"This was such an incredible message! Great series in general! I'm still steeping in it!! In case I don't tell you this often enough, I love when you're standing on the hallowed ground in the theatre, and you're in the zone. It's a whole THING!"
- DS

Sunday, September 17, 2023


 Today was good in a different way...deeply emotional in a different way...deeply spiritual, but in a different way...I always need to take some time and allow something like that to settle slowly into my mind and heart, as our spirits sometime search the deep things of God…

- ES

"Thank you for today's powerful message. Amen!"

- LL

"Wow...Today's word opened up so many windows for me. I am still processing...What an awesome gift today Bish."
- BB
"Today was good!"
- GG
"...I cant even put into words, the service...Glad we got to see you & faces we haven't seen in a long time. Very welcoming."
- LW

"Thank you Bishop for today's message. What did I hear?..."work through the necessary pain...don't be afraid to work through that painful thing to get to the happier desired result"...
- KC

"...Jim Swilley has been a blessing and huge part of my spiritual growth and that of my family. OMG! His teaching yesterday resonated deeply in my soul..."
- RS

"Powerful message, and fully received/embraced."
- LL
"...Message was so riveting, with a strong sense of sacredness...I’m still musing it...I will say this, I was able to lay some supposedly sacred cows to rest after hearing that profound, earthshaking message Sunday."
- PC

Monday, September 11, 2023


"I was very moved by the sound bath Chelsea led us in this morning. It was a beautiful time. As I shared with her and with you at one point I felt my Mother's presence. You've said before that prayer is us talking to God and meditation is us listening. That really was the case today. Turning down the noise and listening. Beautiful!"
- BR
"...The sound bath was absolutely awesome!"
- BB

Sunday, September 3, 2023


"Very good grazing today, Bishop! You are truly leading us into green pastures!"
- LY
"Yes! Yes! Yes!...he spoke to a lot of my concerns/thoughts, and we had not talked about any of them. Several!!!"
"Great new series..."
- BB
"Metron Community Another wonderful service..."
- RK