Sunday, February 25, 2024


"I wanted to let you know how much I loved your message today. I came away from the service full. I ate everything on the buffet and it was delicious and satisfying. We all need to continually be reminded of who we are from the beginning. Thank you for the privilege of being in your inner circle and thank you again for helping me in my time of need."
- MC
Service today at Metron Community was on point today..."
- RK
"It was a good one!!"
- JT
"I just love you Bish! That's it. Carry on..."
"Jim Swilley thank you! I think I need this series..."

Sunday, February 18, 2024


"One of the best and most energizing sermons I’ve ever experience was the weekend I was a special guest at 'Church In The Now'. You and D.E. tag teamed. It was powerful! To this day...a decade plus later, I still remember and cherish that day. Never forget you! Your family and our family go way back to Tremont COG in Greenville where your grandfather, Bishop Earl Paulk, Sr. was pastor and built a world class building that still stands today, and continues as a beacon of Hope in that community."
- OR
"Beautiful service...great move of the spirit."
- AM
"Thank you Bishop for allowing me to be a part of watching this Dynasty continue on. Also, thank you for being such a visionary! Much of what I heard today... I have learned from you. Thank you!"
"Watched the Consecration. Wow! How could anyone not be challenged and changed after that service! Congratulations to Bishop DE Paulk! I just need you to know this today--When you stepped up to the podium and gave your speech and said your next level prayer...tears welled up in my eyes, and I stood up and pointed at the screen and said, "That's MY Bishop!""
- DS      
"Rabbi, I watched the whole service with tears in my eyes nearly the entire time. I loved it all--the rituals, the symbolism, the music, all of the messages, your absolutely stunning heartfelt prayer/affirmation, and seeing your cousin wipe away tears nearly the whole time, especially when he was expressing his love to his family. I watched the service mostly out of curiosity because I didn't understand the whole counsel of Bishops thing that you are involved in. But now, I know much better what it is about--inclusion, unity, and justice for TRULY everyone. And I learned a new word that fits me a little too--MetaCostal! Congratulations to Bishop Paulk"
- JT
"...Today was awesome...loved it."
- WT
"Yes…today was…simply amazing."
- AM
"The ceremony was absolutely beautiful"
"All I can say about the day was WOW WOW WOW!!! Spirit and Truth Sanctuary was blessed to have you pray over our Bishop and his family. The ceremony was more than I ever imagined."
- JB

Sunday, February 11, 2024


"A message for the entire world to hear.  How do we get this into the ears of Millennials, Gen Z and screeners who are tired of religion and longing for the truth?"
- EN
"I was able to be there today...he ROCKED it!!!"
- JC

Sunday, February 4, 2024


" were on 🔥 today..."
- AR
"Today was just another reminder of why I come to Metron! Metron is the only place I can come and hear the things that I have truly always believed in. Things about myself, things about God and things about life in general. It's truly the only place to be on Sunday"
- BB
"OMG! I was on the same page with you before I got there this morning. Revolutionary, that's the only word I can think of regarding today's teaching at Metron...Thank you for your tireless efforts to get this truth across to your audience, whoever they are. It's a game changer!"
- BR
"...I could literally feel the shifting of certain underpinnings that have had detrimental effect on our mental health and thought processes...things that have impeded us, and have kept us from receiving, being, and doing! It is imperative that this series becomes a continuum! This is a different kind of ‘manna’."
- CP