Sunday, July 30, 2023


"Loved...Loved...Loved this series. Everyone in the world needs to hear this word."
- BB
"...I had an opportunity for the next step of my creative career come along in the form of a direct coach. It will be life changing but was 1000% out of my financial reach. I pushed myself beyond my limits and out of my comfort zone and the miracle is the funds came through. Saying yes to God, yourself, and the universe especially when you staring into the unknown is scary as hell but that's where the miraculous lives. Also in the process I discovered something inside of me from my past I didn't know was there. I realized a secret and restricting message I had carried since I was 12. And instantly I heard what Bish said about repentance was forgiving yourself and that is what helped me process it. I had to forgive myself for holding me back all this time based on this message of fear.."
- CM
"...The timing of Bishop's message this morning was another push for me to stay open to all of the signs of confirmation that I continue to receive daily. Synchronicity strikes again..."
- WS
"...I loved the series! Now that I recognize all the little miracles, and don't just take them for granted, it's fun to see them!"
- RS
"Yesterday was a great, anointed ending to an AWESOME series…"
- RK

Sunday, July 23, 2023


 "That was GOOOOOOOD!"

- EN

"...Hi Bishop! Your message was 

today! Keep on doin' it! Healing blessings!"
- LY
"Bishop Jim Swilley's message today was Mind Blowing..."

"Well Bish...All I can say is you were on fire today...I felt every bit of the word on this beautiful Sunday. I have seen the miracles increase in my life just by recognizing them and being grateful for them."


"Today was so good! You keep building this stairway that we are ascending and descending on and spirits who have crossed over are breathing words of peace. You so need to do another SOTB or something. You have been teaching us some of this for a while but since March you have been punching out these amazing truths ALL people need to hear. Thank you for some left brained stuff we needed too."
"Bishop, the fire that was "shut up in your bones", escaped today! This was such a good word and the atmosphere was electric. I left the building on a high!"

Sunday, July 9, 2023


  “…It was a great day!”

- CC

“The place to be on Sunday Morning...195 Arizona ave” 


“Service today was ELECTRIC!!! Chandra Currelley gave an amazing performance!!! Bishop delivered an awesome NOW WORD!!! "On Earth As It Is In Heaven " 


“So happy I was able capture the moment...great message, Bishop!” 


"What a great way to spend a Sunday morning! Listening to the smooth voice of the one and only Chandra Currelley and receiving a great word from Jim Swilley."
- RS
"Today was everything. A great word, great entertainment...A miracle all around."
"Such an awesome service today!"
- SS
"Absolutely jumping up in the building today! Chandra Currelley never fails to bring it when she comes. She just keeps getting better every time. Bishop, your message was the icing on the cake. Can't miss a minute of Metron!"
- BR
"Absolutely amazing and beautiful day full of miracles"
- TW
"Wow, how the pictures tell the story. There was not one person in that theater who was not connected and affected by your message. The presence of God was there. I was so full when I finished singing, I just sat there soaking in what was happening in the spirit."
- CC
"I’m still fired up by the entire experience! The atmosphere was swirling with miracles!"

Sunday, July 2, 2023


"...Your word today was phenomenal! I kept hearing on the drive home: “Let this state of consciousness be in you that is beyond primal and surpasses intuitiveness…Permit and align and be engaged with this state of being and awareness.” Your word, Bishop, was a new and brighter light unto my feet. Thanks for taking me ‘there’ today. Grateful…"

- CP

“Spirit was all up in the house today…OOOWEEEE. This is going to be another awesome series. This resonated with me so much today…” 


"Listening to Tuesday's and Thursday's 11:11 was the navigator for Sunday's wonderful message... thanks for the 11:11 reference."
- DC
"Hey y’all! Watching Metron on YouTube is a good option but being there in person is an amazing energy you can’t quite get by watching online. Trust me, I feel something every time I watch online but it doesn’t compare to being physically at Metron. If I could drive down from Knoxville every Sunday, I would but my new work schedule and gas would be a little too cost prohibitive for me. But for those of you closer to Atlanta, go to Metron! Go!!"
- EJ
"...Today's teaching was stunning, and it felt so good to let myself feel again. You are a treasure, and I thank you for your spirit and your teaching. Your teachings have helped me get through a difficult time."
- TB